Ems [Elite Mech service]


So some of us players have been coming together to form this, we are a clan but our clan is only open to few, we do not plan to be at top but are glad to be together again, @XxExetraxX You think it it time for Ems to come back from the dead? If so Lets do this All Over Again, also i cant get in contact with Ambera and Fake so could you contact them plz


No Problamo old friendo its time for us to rise from our great legacy , meet in eng globel


kk, and i nomanate you as leader because we both remember what happend last time i ran the clan, lost half our player base XD


Meh, that was years ago, i wont be leader for ever but i will be for now


i think fake is off for a few more weeks so i will get in contact him when he is back from ireland

Edit: Turns back a week ago so he is coming online soon


Cool beans


Ok… Would this be a good clan, and if so, would I be eligible to join?