EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


You put it strangely mate.
Am f2p guy needs to have ways to improve and rank up. Shall this be because he picked up luckielly 20 times in a row? Thats not ranking up sustainably.
Facing an opponent he usually looses to, painstakingly improving his builds, maxing up items, refining his approach to finally beat this dude. Yes.
As for playing top ranks (im not saying rank1 black skull, im saying sustainable top 15), as an f2p you can forget about it, luck cannot even remotly make up for that.
F2p have their playground, p2w theirs.
So yes if you are r5 or even low r1 and face me youll know the outcome directly. Shall their be such a huge luck factor affecting this?

Btw, im here talking of luck factor within a givem realm, in my case top ranks. Not such big luck that could make a r5 guy beating a r1 guy…


Voleurs de poules


As if heat bomb, its counterpart, is any good.


If EMP was all-powerful then you would have more players in the top 10 using them. Earlier today there was only one player even using dual-energy mechs.

I think more research is needed here and players need to consider more builds as well or face that they cannot counter every possible build in one pair of mechs.


Are you choosing to ignore everything we’ve said here or are you just really that oblivious.

Adding more Regen/Energy won’t help you counter EMP, one alone is enough to drain 480 energy in a turn. Tack on WF and another weapon. And you’re perma drained. Two is suicide but that just tosses that drain value back at you in damage.

Heat bomb is bloody easy to counter, EMP is not. I’m really getting tired of reiterating the same point again.

You. Will. Not. Survive. An. Emp. Drain.


290 is probably the best figure I could think of too. This would allow viability with 5 energy engines.

It’s no good for anyone when im packing 6 engines. My Windigo will get to 900/360 this Saturday when my arena shop energy cap hits 20%. Then I will work on energy regen.

Right now, as it stands, this mech will kill every dual energy line up in the game. No exceptions. My secondary mech mostly comes out to shoot just one or 2 weapons and game over.

My point is that it’s not good for them and no good for me. My line up is imbalanced now with a mech that must fight only energy, and has to be extremely OP against that type.

If the weapon is nerfed then I will de-escalate as well. Bringing balance to my mech will give energy more of a chance against me. I will take more risk in accommodating the anti-energy line up to fight other types as well. At that point dual energy line ups will have more success against me.

EMP must be nerfed.


What is happening is that nobody (even me), wants to get off the horse.

We all want to have mechs with a lot of HP, because that’s how we think we’re going to be more competitive. 2200 HP is already little … now we want 3000 … then there is no other option but to build specialized mechs.

So @lordgorgon says “it’s luck because I choose wrong” (note that I also say it), but it’s not that I chose wrong! It´s that I´ve built badly! We make too specialized mechs and then we say it’s bad or good luck!

What does HP do if doesn´t have cooling? What good is HP if does not have energy?

We have become too ambitious, as do the noobs made, and we are doing shit.


This is as if you and your neighbor decided to build a house. Your neighbor makes a very nice and comfortable house, but with poor foundations. Your house is not beautiful or comfortable, but it has better foundations.

Your neighbor’s house may collapse when the gale comes, your house will resist more.

What happens is as I said, we don´t want to get off the horse, and then we say that is fault of luck because we chose badly.


Did you just say i build badly?
Summarized thoughts: lol
Before emp i have been raming tops with 2 rounded builds (yes, the unicorns…)
Now you cant do this anymore and to build a counter elec you need 6 engines…
Id want to put 2 heat engines beside, this build would be trashed by all 3 types before breakfast. I really couldnt follow you on that.
And please dint tell me “build a dual magma, dual desolation on wheels” aint very relevant



Sorry I have to say this now … no offense and I will also use no names, the once know it self, some of the arguments against a nerf of the EMP are just dumb, totally out of context on purpose and/or just not able to do 1+1 = 2

… later more … with facts and numbers, not speculations like a lot did above :exclamation:



Your build would be very good, but it would be destroyed because your opponent has a specialized mech and apparently had “more luck” than you when he chose.

But the luck that he/she had against you, he will not have vs. another one and thus your adversary will go continuously lowering and going up in the ranking. This is happening to us now.



Haha thats the best so far … sorry please, it is NO personal offense, the statement itself is just nonsene.
If you really think like that, I need to think you talk about an other game :exclamation:



I have now specialized builds against anything.
Their is no anti phys line up that could kick me.
Their are just guys with 1 heater (mostly anti elec), 1 elec (anti heat anti phys, but cant hold a candle to my anti elec neither to my rounded), a rounded phys.
Now i pic my rounded and then whatever my finger picks and yes leave the rest to luck…


the arena is so filled with specialisation that you NEED to specialise.

if you make 3 versatile mechs, sure you will no longer have an instance where you get the bad luck of pairing against the type you avoid, but if you don’t every single match you will be pairing inferior mechs as your opponent WILL have specialised.

I still try to keep one allrounder just as a fallback for various situations but saying that specialising is a bad tactic is wrong. you will have more instances where your versitile mech is matched with someone targetting your type who will then undoubtedly win than you had instances where you mismatched before.

targetting is just a way of life now, and it is to an extent, luck based. its very rock paper scissors these days.

god I miss arena 1v1.


And well … They was thrown me with rotten tomatoes when I said that 8 slots is bit. We need 10 (to be an even number).


Actually,if it’s the best you can build with your current items,it is just a matter of luck.
And yes,it IS luck!
You can’t make a rounded mech that wouls survive everything,you have to sacrifice this for that and the opposite for the other build.That’s called ‘‘counter’’ to begin with!

And yes,I took it badly,but that’s because I know how much I struggle and lose just because I picked the other counter.


The problem didn’t exist in 1v1 because there was no mech selection screen where you could look at what you ‘might’ be facing and then choose extreme counter builds for it. You had to build a rounded mech. In 2v2, if you had to pick your 2 without seeing your opponent, it would force rounded building again, at least more so than we see now.

As long as extreme counter building can be done, there is no way EMP should be nerfed. It’s nothing more than a 1-use tool for an extreme counter. Nerf the extreme building by removing the ability to see and implement it, then weapon nerfing is a viable conversation.


Anyway I smell that there will be some changes in the “modules” theme.

Interestingly, in less than 1 week I´ve obtained 2 legendary energy modules of 22 Kg., An item that I never had in months. I think that gives me a sense that they are probably experimenting with modules…
(I’m a bad specimen, because I do not use energy modules … lol).

Maybe they can create some kind of new regeneration module. But it seems to me that it would not be easy to obtain, like all things that are useful. It always costs a “Peru” to reach them.


Nonsense :slight_smile:


Yes thats the best i can do with my current items. Thats actually close to the best i could do with additional items. I doubt its possible to build much better phys line up (i feel like an a@# saying that but well…)
The point is i had to switch to counter line up just because of the release of emp. Prior to this i was running rounded. Believe it or not.


The game is like that, Gorgon. It´s dynamic. When think you have found the Golden Eggs Hen, it changes and you´ve to rethink everything again.