EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


you should try counterbulding with heat mechs… specialy when all heat wepons generate a ton of heat to the user…
I am just an average player…
Counterbuilding isn’t my thing…


Modest you are. Nobody believes that. You are on the hall of fame of this game.


I think without EMP, energy has little chance vs physical mechs at 2200 hps and 700-800 energy cap and high heat too.

They seem to not want people to try and built all-around mechs but build specialist mechs. I can’t keep up :slight_smile:

There’s so many high-energy builds out there that use no energy at all. I don’t have much feedback.

Ultimately, any build can be countered, what I think they’re going for is this: Choose which type you wish to lose to. Heat/Energy/Physical.

Eventually it may be choose which type you want to win against, 1 of 3 instead of 2 of 3.


500+ damage after 2 single-use shots is hardly overpowered. Use some zero-energy weapons and you’ll do more than that in return.

Below you say that Bunker can ONLY hit 620 if someone is drained. Well the EMP can ONLY hit 500+ if someone is drained.

If you want to counter energy builds, you can. It’s simple. You may not be able to counter energy AND physical AND heat at the same time.

You choose who to beat by what modules you select for your mech. If you don’t like losing to energy, pack more energy modules and lose to heat instead.


Agreed. This = build more.

How far can it go? In Sept, you only needed 1 mech. Next you needed 2. Now you must have 3. I’m doubtful that this is where it ends.


With a minimum of 5 platinum and 2 multi-mythical resistances, you solve all your dilemmas.

You give me 5 or 6 platinum and the multi-resis and we leave philosophy! Because while you don´t have this, all the building theories are useless.

What will happen is that without these happy super items, you will beat some innocent infiltrator and go up in the ranking and then lose with another type of mech and send you to the bottom of the pot. And so it will be continuously, up and down. If you are lucky and you got the “up” at the end of the tournament, you can be placed in top. And if not, try your luck again …


That is true. No amount of adding or adjusting of weapons, torsos or bottoms will alter the game-changing impact of HP and resistance mods.

There have been many good discussions about this and several suggestions as to how it could be improved. It remains number 1 in the things ignored by TS.


Very true, being on the overloaded with “super items” side of the fence myself, i do agree.
But the thing about this thread is different.
Introduction of emp forced us to build counters.
That being said, and battle configuration being 2v2; win or loose now in many cases doesnt depend on “super items”, neither on building skills, nor on strategy in arena: it now depends on luck in the pick up screen.

Edit: As said i am loaded, my builds and line up are made quite nicely with a good logic etc. I dont mind loosing vs guys that are (far) less loaded than me and have beautifully made builds and line ups; they are smarter than me (metre is one, well is another.)
But i really got tired of loosing vs not very skilled guys with not very good builds just because i picked unluckiely…


The EMP is surely tragic for those who have 3 mechs dependent on energy.

The heat bomb is not so serious, because ultimately doesn´t remove cooling and you recover at the next turn. But once you fall into the hook of EMP there is no possibility of recovery, except that the one who carries it, isn´t a energy mech.

This weapon is another gross error of developers. It´s the mistake of creating the same type of weapon for heat and energy. Heat and energy behave differently!


I don’t know that that all blame can be placed on EMP, but I do agree that we’ve entered a place where counters and guessing are now required. Luck is, however, what so much of the game is already based upon. Should it be surprising to see it here as well?

Even still, if you look through the top 10-15, the people most consistently there have an overload of HP/res stuff. For those positions, EMP introduces some uncertainty to otherwise total dominance.


As written (i made an edit), i dont mind the emp. I have no problem wasting any electrician line up however powerfull they might be.
I mind loosing because i picked wrong. I guess 2v2 is the system the most impacted by luck. 3v3 would live a lesser part to luck i guess, maybe thats our next update…


Why would it be based on luck? What is based on luck beside the pick? The drops? You spend more you get more…
You put more money you get better items.
You have a better building appraoch (including line up logic, the big picture), you perform better.
Youve got better arena battle strategy, you perform better.
70-80% of the battles i loose, i loose them because i pick wrong. Thats really boring


muting this topic


I’m not saying it should be based on luck. I’m simply stating that being based on luck mimics the rest of how the game is built. Money does offer more opportunities for good items, but as has been discussed, hp/res items work independently of money for most people.

The original problem of weird drop rates and drop patterns of hp/res items can’t be solved with new items or increasing the number of battles in a war. It’s like putting a bandage everywhere except where the wound is. This singular inequality amplifies every other problem that does or will exist and creates problems that wouldn’t otherwise exist.


The drops are based on “luck”… all of mine had the bad type tho.


The luck factor is really disturbing!

I’m in the same position bro. 95% of battles I lose is because of bad luck picks. Makes my stomach hurt when it happens.


The random part of this game (which you call luck) if the only good weapon of f2p players who cannot get all the premium items they dream about for their builds to compete with the top ranked players.
TS need to keep f2p players in their game because the good health of an online game is measured by the total amount of players (most of whom don’t spend money). That why there are some very good non-premium items (Zarkares, Anni, Nightfall, EMP, Face Shocker…) to keep an interest (and a little chance for f2p players to win).

A game which we know in advance what will be the result is just as boring as if you don’t understand why you are losing.

(Et Allez l’OM !)


There are no F2P players in the top 20/30. I have never lost to one recently …ever.

This factor has nothing to do with F2P or P2W, it exists at all levels of the game.

It is an inherent flaw of the 2v2 mode, and the way energy has been driven to the point of creating a massive imbalance in mech counter-building.


I feel that 290 drain is actually a perfect amount. Still the most draining weapon in the game, but it might actually be balanced with those stats.
Also, maybe they might wanna lower the heat bomb cost a bit, cause heat doesnt regenerate.

Range and Weight Strategy
Range and Weight Strategy
EMP is too OP - EMP needs to be nerfed
May be the best way to nerf EMP

You gotta watch out with ideas like these. Energies using this shit will complain it’s too massive a nerf to use it anymore