EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


it still is, would it have matter if your seraph was dealing 700-900 dmg in the above scenerio?
Also comparing legendary modules to maxed myth ones… goes a long way, i dont know the diference but maybe you can help: maxed myth engines gives 89 cap, and 42 regen.
You packed 5 x(diference between leg and myth) x Arena bonus =


I agree with you.
I admit that I also did that;vrying out loud.But,you see,I don’t think nerfing Seraph and keeping other weapons the way they are would be too fair…Plus,it’s kinda crazy to have 526 energy drained in one turn => instant loss.

When electrics cry out loud,Seraph gets nerfed.
When phys and heaters cry out loud,nothing happens…

I would,if TS gave me the items needed :wink:


Yeah, still it forced us to adapt. I just maxed a grim rapist torso for tests. Can fit in 2 plates and a res, 5 energy engines are ok. The rounded does quite ok to finish off a second elec. Needs to rely on mercys rng sometimes. Was quite happy…
Overheat myself :joy:


Not a single hit would’ve been taken,but it doesn’t change the fact that it was an actual saver.You’d do enough damage until drained to stand a chance,but like this,you have no chance to begin with…


Thank you good bro for being the Grim Guinea pig. I don’t have the resources to have wasted. I thought it a good idea LOL.


Who said things would fit your (or my) definition of fair. TS never said that. We each assume what is fair, but TS is not bound to that definition, just as you are not bound to my definition.


“Sounds like my avenger ambitions” told you… im so hopeless.


All in the name of science.

20 sciences

LOL it looks like we’re talking to ourselves with the avatars being so similar. I like the hidden troll of it.


My point is that I could survive (and kill) a build with 3 L-M energy weapons,even at close range (I got closer to him) but couldn’t survive a single turn because of an E-M weapon and a drone!?


Well, this build is flawed mate, stating the obvious: change the seraph for a nightfall.
You are expecting to start only at point blank range?


Sorry,but…In EMP’s case,they both have the same range.
Plus,Seraph can cut gaps starting from range 3 (in combo with NE) and all.A NF wouldn’t make too much od a difference,I’ve tried.


Maybe it does or does not need a nerf, but of the top 10 players only one of them is a dual-energy user.

Things are looking balanced at the top - though perhaps EMP hurts your particular build?


Dude, once L3x shots with Bunker Shell and EMP, he only has Last Words in range 2-4. It’s a free win for you (you can use Seraph and Stomp, and repeat it each round).
You need ~200 regen to perma hit him with Seraph (against LW + FS).

If he uses his teleporter to shot with VS, that means he’s losing an action and you can break the range of VS with your own TP, Charge or Hook.

And stop thinking you can make a build to beat all 3 types of mech, it’s hopeless.
TS want their players build more mechs, with the idea we have to buy more boxes to get the needed items (and spend tokens to expand inventory slots to stock them all).
They modify this game to force us to build:

  • a pys mech to counter energy mech
  • a pys mech to counter heat mech
  • a pys mech to counter pys mech
  • an energy mech to counter energy mech
  • an energy mech to counter heat mech
  • an energy mech to counter pys mech
  • a heat mech to counter energy mech
  • a heat mech to counter heat mech
  • a heat mech to counter pys mech

Because the more builds you must have to stay competitive, the more money they earn.
You can build a mech to counter 2 types, to save your money a bit.
But you will not change their plan to make more money.

Sorry to shatter your dreams.


Hi Andernut, good seing you giving feedbacks.
Im interested as a notorious electrician, whats your POV over emp?


You see…I’d be drained by then,too.Even with stomp and LW,I can only regen 209 (less after bunker) so it’d be pointless anyways.

Again…I can only regen 200.Val plus drone is enough to also deal another 100 extra electric damage.

I know;I made counters,but in this case,not even a counter stood a chance…


I don’t know;that’s why I wanted to post it.
But you see,I wouldn’t want to place this many engines on a mech (or every mechs) just to survive a particular overkill of a weapon…


EMP hurts the old meta, of those that didn’t have myth plates or Claw.
Basicly you could just build a 2000hp 5-6 energy module phis mech, that still counters the hell out of Energy, and also phis… wont go against heaters tho.


Myth the modules, you will regen 280 or so…
also you won’t get drained so fast either… energy is like a shield vs energy mechs.


Yeah, i guess we just get phased because of the luck factor following the counter line up approach.
Didnt happen to you because you are a counter builder since a long time…


Switch an Energy Engine for a Energy Mass Booster to solve that. You don’t need to have energy just after EMP hits you; you need to regen enough energy to use Seraph later. You just take a bit more damage cause of the first drain, but your high HP pool is here for that :wink: