EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


There is always a way. I havent lost to any elecs in ages, emp, dual emp, you name it… but i have one of the top invemtory in the game i guess. “There is a way so its not OP isnt very relevant”.


So packing 6 energy engines is an “effective” counter? If a phys carry heat bomb then he must have enough heat to use it, and that takes module slots. Then he gets a shutdown for like 1 turn cause no follow through weapons? Then probably overheats self in the process.

Great plan mate!


Look, I have a unique build that can counter EMP mechs …2 of them. But it gets drained in unique circumstances too.

The thing is, who else can build a mech like that? 1 plat plate, one multi-res and 6 MAXED energy engines. Plus dual Spartan and Mercy.

I’m thinking about the less fortunate here, plus I can’t stand imbalance in my mechs because of blue skrinks.


OP has nothing to do with, if it can be countered :exclamation:

You mix here something which is not true :exclamation:

Example SeraphBlade was good weapon before buff.
With the buff it was OP.
So developer nerfed it back to its old damage, still good weapon.

But in every single status, it could be countered :exclamation:

Everything can be countered, if not, you could win endless :exclamation:

But OP is a different thing :exclamation:

Need to pack 4 - 5 Energy Moduls to be able to have a chance against = OP :exclamation:


P.S.: we only have 8 modul slots


So there is now one kind of energy build that is hard to counter as a physical mech and that is a problem.
That is your argument?

This seems to turn out like the kind of complaint that one type of mech must be able to counter all others.
We can select 3 mechs for PvP so making 1 heat mech as EMP counter should be possible.

Or is the concept of rock-paper-scissors not applicable to SM anymore and there needs to be one type to definitely be capable of countering all other types?


Well there you have it. Each mech must be able to effectively counter 2 other types.

My anti-heat/anti phys can effectively challenge said classes, but cannot go against energy.

My anti-energy can ONLY counter energy because all the module slots are occupied by energy engines plus 1 myth HP plate and 1 multi-res. That leaves it vulnerable to heat, which is acceptable, but it CANNOT effectively counter physicals with its low HP. In other words, can only counter 1 type.

If you cannot see the difference between the easy counter of heat (3/4 heat engines), whilst maintaining the 2/3 balance vs the very difficult counter for energy (6 engines), creating imbalance, then you clearly do not understand the game.


Am i’m late or somethin?
Oh well…
I think it’s a good idea.Making elc mechs not using it of defeating us hard.However…i think about small nerfing.Small elc dmg etc. Nerfing it too far is not the way,because the item won’t be usefull.I only agree on small nerfing.Yet again,i am saying that this should be a good idea.When EMP nefed. Elc mechs would able to charge enerygy really fast,but for us do.Small nerfing is my opinion.

Ugh…please this is my frist time writing an esay.
Thank you for reading my frist idiotic esay i guess

Range and Weight Strategy
EMP is too OP - EMP needs to be nerfed
May be the best way to nerf EMP
Range and Weight Strategy

So proud of everybody that this thread didnt go (yet) crazy and is still open. Surprizing


As long as I don’t lose my noggin. This thread should be fine.

That is unless someone loses their noggin first


Thank god to that.


Cough, test 1/2:
“Lets make annihilation energy dependent”


With full myth items, you probably have ~500 energy and ~300 regen on an standard anti-energy mech. You just have to survive 3 rounds (1 to face dual EMP, 2 to face dual VS) with some plating modules (~2k HP) and energy-free weapons.

Maybe you also forgot the +20% Energy Cap and +20% Energy Regen in Arena Shop that totally counter the bonus of Energy Dmg by twice… (because there is no bonus to increase Max dmg and Regen Dmg).
The Ele Dmg bonus is countered by the Ele Resist bonus.

It’s because of this way of thinking that I said some old players stay with outdated ideas (I don’t even talk about those using legacy weapons, because they won’t change the mechs they probably built after an intensive farming).
An old useless item may be revalorised by a new one (even indirectly):
Perhaps the Ele Resist module was useless before the release of EMP, but the few HP saved from the electrical damage (from other weapons than EMP) can give you the win a few round later.

Energy mechs are OP but they didn’t start with EMP. Take a look at Valiant Sniper instead :wink:

I can feel your pain to find how to counter EMP users, so here are some builds from my mind I share with you (so you can test them and tell me how they work):

  1. If you use an Energy mech, you can try counter Energy/Pys mechs with the build below

    You can switch a Plating for a Resistance module (Ele or Pys) and add a Hook or remove Plating+Charge to fit Maximum Protector, as you wish.

  2. If you use a Heat mech, you can try this build dedicated to Anti-Energy only

    A heat version of Sparked Runners would be better but I deal with the items we have.

  3. If you use a Pys mech, you can try this one to counter Energy/Pys mechs

    We really need an energy-free drone for Pys.

I don’t think we can build a good mech to face everything, you have to specialize your mechs for one or max two kinds of enemy.
And remember, if you have to choose a mech to counter an opponent, he can do the same (this can lead to funny games between anti-energy pys mech versus anti-energy heat’s one :joy:).

The key in high rank battles (no matter the game) is to know well your enemy. What kind of build he likes? What are the mechs you frequently meet? This is called the Meta and it’s never fixed for ever. You have to adapt to it. And if you lose a game because enemy starts first, that just means you were better ranked and no one will complain you.


Valid points can be made for or against a nerf. Like so many other things done by TS, the rage of players on either side of the issue exists because each of us has an idea about how things should be and those ideas may be out of line with TS’s ultimate goal/s.

We used to have 1v1. It was awesome. It forced you to create a balanced mech. If you wanted (and had the time and money), you could build a second or third mech to shake things up a bit.

1v1 was destroyed to make way for 2v2. Reasons aside, the impact of that was that it required building of a second mech. At that time, you still mostly had to build 2 balanced mechs.

Arena points were introduced. It suddenly became VERY helpful if both mechs were of the same kind… more rebuilding. It also drove everyone to the arena every day for at least 5 fights and if you wanted to at least keep up with everyone else, you had to go premium for those fights (either watch vids or spend tokens).

With pvp’s feature of picking 2 out of 3, those who chose to build balanced mechs found themselves slipping down the ranks. If forced us to build a third mech so we could way overcompensate with counter builds.

The introduction of new items have now made it (seemingly) impossible for the 3 mechs we’ve built to all be of the same class. So triple phys, heat and energy are forced to do what… build another mech and maybe 2 other mechs.

In nearly every instance, anger has been because what we’ve worked very hard on is suddenly no longer good enough. This isn’t entirely different than the transition from the old game into the new. You’re work (time and often money) is depreciated in value, made almost without value.

The biggest problem here isn’t EMP, Seraph, engines, drop rates, unobtanium or any of that. The biggest problem here is the same one that has always existed in the shadows. TS has yet to provide any indication as to where the game is going or what their vision is, supposing they have one that looks beyond revenues.

Feel free to ask them. They will go silent. In the mean time, we get angry. Without an answer from them, we rely on what we think is going to happen or should happen. Every time it doesn’t happen the way we imagined, we get angry.

Maybe griping loudly enough will get something nerfed or something buffed. Something new will show up. Something else will get buffed, nerfed or both. The scenario will repeat.

*Edit - and by the way, better start building more mechs.


A counter to energy drained in 1 turn because of the EMP (plus Face Shocker)!!!

@SilverBox,you nerfed the SeraphBlade,giving yet another advantage to electrics.I think it’s time you nerfed this thing,too.

We can’t only have anti-electric builds!
How could I make a build with 5 energy engines and also stand a chance against other builds? (when my actual counter got drained in 1 turn!?Half-leveled legend modules,but they provide 500+ energy which is good for rank 4)
I don’t want to play like that;I’d rather throw it all up on the window.


you delt 142 dmg?
What how did you play it? since starting range is 1,3,5.
Pulled drone? Or charged?
Then he EMPed you, and pull drone?
why didn’t you teleport next to him? or hook him? or fire the NE?
That build can be countered…
You say EMP is so bad, but 2 hits of those VS, would have been worse…
Plus there is a big diference between what his build is … full maxed mythicals, even modules,and your legendary modules…
And if start would have been at range 1… you would have won.


Actually,we switched builds mid-match.
I had to try and switch as I started with my other build that had no energy.But even so,it was useless…
And yeah,rank 5 with those items and full-myth…
But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s broken.


EMP was always ment to be a life saver for energy mechs.
Befor it, the high energy phis build, was walking all over the energy mechs.
Bam bam, 2 spartans, then hook/charge to finish the job.
The only diference now is,that instead of 4-5 energy engines, you need 5-6… it impacts alot the builds that lack myth plates and Claw.
For with myth plate and Claw, you can counter even 2 EMP builds, with ease.
Look at Gorgon, 2 myth plates, 1 claw, rest energy modules, and he is flying all over the dual EMPs.


Just as Seraph used to be a life saver for phys :slight_smile:

Indeed,but we don’t all have such items…
Through you have a point,it doesn’t necessarily apply in this case.


So that example isn’t relevant, cause of 2 key factors:

  1. switching mechs you will lose a possible regen of the first mech, if he manages to kill your switched mech, and also grants the oponent 1 extra action against you.
  2. If you would have been with the energy counter first… aka matching counter, you could have delt better with the situation.


My first post was long. I’ll re-state things.

  • Because TS has never stated how things are, we look at things and assume how things are.
  • When changes to the game violate our assumption, we get angry.
  • We shout at TS and there is no answer.
  • We are still angry, but without TS there to receive our anger, we find a new target. We blame energy or phys. We don’t blame heat b/c they’re currently 3rd class.
  • We then cry to TS to punish whoever we’ve blamed.
  • TS still says nothing, or they say something that either doesn’t make sense or doesn’t matter. Then they introduce a portal, a new campaign (that sucks) or a new item, or a buff or nerf to an unrelated item.

Read back through the forums. This is the pattern we live. Most of us won’t accept this though, because it makes us look dumb.

BTW, better build more mechs.