EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


Yes, because everyone have 100 Magmas like Wepwawet :roll_eyes:


the cycle continues again
Heat counter energy
Energy counter physical
Physical counter heat


I doubt normal+ to premium- heaters will have a chance. For a heater youll have to pull a full premium “a la wep” or “a la metre” build


pretty sure we are going to have a heat item portal to counter this EMP problem ,or an update to make majority of heat weapons not consuming energy at all .



INDEED, Heat Bomb must be quite the awful weapon for 4 players currently ranked within top ten to use it!

Btw. that one named “bestplayeroftheworld” isn’t you, right? :thinking:
Just making sure… :grin:


Shes trolling, these arent the builds she uses, she keeps it like this to blur up… heat bomb is useless


I don’t ever recall seeing her actually use the bloody thing. I’ve watched pretty much all of her fights.

(maybe I missed some, but I doubt she’s used it).

Regardless, this is off topic and doesn’t relate AT ALL to the topic at hand. So please take it to PMs or make your own topic.


not entirely true , its still an effective portal clearing item for bots that are too hard to deal with on insane mode if you arent fortunate enough to have a plat plate/V-sniper


Lol, over the top optimistic mate…


forgot to mention that its also one of the key to get perfect raid scores


My evil plan to make @Elcent job hard will work then?


It makes my brain job hard, so yes. His brain shall suffer under your evil plan

OT but it’s funny


Lets keep on topic guys,


Its at best a situational weapon. Top players tend to be ready for any situation…


Well, the point is that Heat Bomb can counter builds using EMP.
So it has to do with the topic regarding if Heat Bomb is viable for PvP as then EMP is not OP cause it can be countered with Heat Bomb.

Also I find it strange that there are lots of energy builds in the top ten (several with EMPs) and as if to counter them there are heat builds equipped with Heat Bomb.
As that seems to be quite a coincidence if it does not actually prove exactly the part of Heat Bomb countering EMP.


Okay Senpai, I’ve been on topic all night.

u get this one cringe moment



Coincidence, they rely on magma and desolation, as they always did to counter elecs. Heat bomb is a slight support.


So what you’re saying is that one must simply just become a heat mech to fight energy?



No, I am saying there are ways to beat EMP users.
As such EMP is not OP.
OP means OverPowered after all which means that it basically has no effective counter to it.


This is hardly true at all. If you’ve read what we said yesterday, you would understand why.

Comments like this undermean the bloody point we’ve been trying to get through. EMP literally takes the effective counters and trashes them. It’s way too bloody OP and annoying to fight/counter (barely).