EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf



These developers need to understand. Shit is not the same at different ranks.

continue schooling them guys please. Makes me so happy to see this


Maybe an L-M Mass Booster for energy and heat, that provides at least 30% more stats. The current E-M boosters are just way under specced. Between max legend and max Myth there is merely 18 points to gain. I have still not found it worthwhile to make EVEN ONE max myth booster. However, if there were booster that would provide say 90 cooling/regen, then I would be interested.

I would even pay to try and get them.


There was a topic, I believe Wepwawet mentioned instead of making new boosters. To buff the current ones (so everyone also has them).

Because meta’s have changes, things like boosters, engines, storage units. Need to be buffed to keep up, otherwise you have these points where even having tons of engines, boosters, units isn’t enough.

I don’t get why the devs don’t talk to us about this. It can literally benefit us and them. Happier Players = Happier Payers. Comon.


I would mine the shyte out of them in related portal LOL.


Remember, L+M items generally come with garbage drops and insanely difficult portals. Claw for example, plus it’s a module.

Those bloody things are cursed to be forever impossible to get in good numbers.


Completely with you on everything.
And yes i do pack an emp on my pure anti elec to turn it into an anti phys as well.
For people on the forum to know. In top rank at thr moment, top physicists are deploying in arena anti phys builds: claw, no heat nor energy mods, plates and res. 3000+hp. But that is or pure anti phys or anti phys anti heat (with a bit less hp). Against these i can opose my emp builds (and my own 2900hp beat). Works good. But i dont use it vs elecs (they get scared tho)


But they will just get regen on next turn and use hook/ charge mercy or stomp whilst drained. I’d like to 1v1 you to see effects. Maybe later.


Addition of an L-M item maybe just adds motivation for them to do something about the problem, although I would be greatly in favour of it being an E-M item.


Getting 1 turn is enough. Most of the time these dont have heavy energy free weapons (well sword build, canopy dual nf 3100hp build etc…)


I don’t want them to have this type of motivation. Always ends poorly for those farming such portals, but hey, if they buff E+Ms. Than they’d earn just a wee bit of my respect.

Given this companies track record. That’d be an honor (from an outspoken dork)


Powerful OP L-M items that only heavy spenders can get and dominate anyone like valiant sniper , bunker shell , ash creator , spartan carnage , magma blast , windforge and ofcourse how can i forget the platinum plate are released and the free players say they needed nerf and no one care .
---------> People who paid for all their stuffs didnt complain one bit

Power E-M items that anyone can use to be good at the game and all the people that paid for the game starts getting triggered because of it and want it nerfed , may as well nerf the L-M items mentioned above for balancng purpose too



I dont even think many energy players would be against a nerf of this. makes so many energy battles a case of who fires first. not very “interesting gameplay” as mohadib wanted to create.

it’s quite different from the heat bomb imo, the heat bomb really only hurts builds which have pretty much no heat protection or get too cocky, the EMP makes even builds carrying what used to be good protection against energies in a position of extreme danger. hell, I saw a battle the other day where someone with 800 energy was drained by the end of turn two.

crazy shit.

idk, I guess an argument could be made that since energies have been finding it progressively harder to drain opponents over time and opponent’s increasing damage alongside this makes energy deserving of this weapon. it’s also interesting that draining beats electric damage builds now (very rare to see double bunkers anymore and there;s been an ash creator revival).

I think, skim 75-100 energy off the cost/damage of this weapon and it should be fine. I think the punch it packs is just a little too extreme.

while we’re on a nerf fest btw, let’s talk about that bleeding claw. players with the claw are in a class above players without it, it’s an even more defined difference than plat hp plates.

it’s actually really sad that seph blade of ALL the things which could be nerfed is the one that got hit. poor seph blade. it’s like being a police officer, seeing two violent criminals one carrying an unlicensed handgun he’s using to threaten a person out of their money, another selling a bag filled with white powder to some teens and then picking up the kid you see spray painting shit to the wall. I mean sure, he was technically breaking the law too, but was he really where the focus should have been?

think about it.

just you go ahead and think about it.


Range and Weight Strategy
Range and Weight Strategy
EMP is too OP - EMP needs to be nerfed
May be the best way to nerf EMP

Do you think EMP should be premium item?


Ofcourse , make it L-M so that only people who pay get the advantage and no one will complain about it again


I’m honestly glad you bloody agree.

It’s literally only energy mains and such BS opinions that carry weight to the devs.

Most sensible replies get ignored and flagged as hate. Like comon.


L-m or not is totally off topic. Its not changing the issue around this item…


Making EMP premium won’t solve things.

Sure,they are harder to get,but people who have them will still have them.they will remain op.

Range and Weight Strategy
Range and Weight Strategy
EMP is too OP - EMP needs to be nerfed
May be the best way to nerf EMP

Making it LM is a bad idea. Just nerf it!


Bloody heck… I keep seeing double!

What’s with all the Team HTK pps?? I thought lordgorgon was Mr.E and Mr. E was ShadowOfDeath


I just noticed that too…thought E posted twice…you guys sure know how to mess with ones mind