EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


The solution to avoid dual shot of EMP in a row: break the range!
If you are lazy enough to don’t move, you deserve to be trashed (and no reproach can be done to the EMP in there).
Enemy needs 800 energy cap to shot EMP twice in a round, that means you can overheat him easily (with a heat mech) or you can win with more HP (with a pys mech) because he doesn’t use heat engine or plating.
And if you use an electrical mech, remember that Hot Flash is available (if you won’t carry tons of energy engine).

A solo shot of EMP is not a problem because you automatically regenerate energy at the end of your turn before the next shot.
You just have to temporise until the opponent’s limited-use weapons are emptied.

I say that while I’m not an EMP user.


Do not Cry! Serafield was used indefinitely!
EMP can only be used once!
All those who have emp are required to have high energy, and such mechs suffer greatly from the heat!
So do not cry and stop spamming me in the arena !!!


Energy mechs did not needed EMP coz energy was op already

EMP is too OP - EMP needs to be nerfed
May be the best way to nerf EMP
Range and Weight Strategy
Range and Weight Strategy

Seraph was only buffed for like what, 4-5 days before it was re-nerfed to OG stats?

EMP is literally the most brain dead weapon to ever be added to this game. (Says something given it’s past).

480+ Drain (with 20% from arena, forgive me. I’m too nice sometimes, tack on that 20% energy damage as well lmfao), that can (if packing two or able to quick drain), also deal that in massive damage. Regardless of how much it uses from you. (Energies don’t care for regen when they pack 250-350 of it).

The heat one, like Mr.E beautifully explained required at best 3 engines to counter. EMP no matter how many energies (or storage units) you run. It’ll drain you regardless. (depressing to watch 800/350 energy/regen get drained in under a turn).

Prior to HB/EMP being added. Counter mechs were plentiful and prospering nicely. Now all you see are braindead energies taking reign again (as if reloaded wasn’t energy favoring them at all previously).

Nerf EMP


How long you play this game now :question:

Maybe you forgot the OP Valiant Snipers and that they are able to use them AFTER the EMP :question:

You would need +400 Regeneration :exclamation:


Maybe you also forgot this for your calculation …

… Bonus damage from Arena Shop :exclamation:


Lol, who’s spamming you? …you deserve it nevertheless.



ah I see maligent, looking for information players, do not help physical players


A heat bomb could help to beat these mechs because they have low heat cap and low cooldown because they ahve to pack a lot of energy modules just to be able to shoot with the two EMPs.

But, I don’t think that the EMP is the problem. I think in the game the biggest problem is that you can choose 2 of your mech out of the 3 before the battle started. This allows you to make specialized mechs because you’ll be able to choose the right ones. For example you can make an anti energy mech with a very high energy cap and an anti heat mech with high heat cap and a third well rounded one. In this case when you see your opponents mech and see: ohh, he has two/three heat mechs… im gonna use my heat destroyer and the well rounded and its an easy win.
This kind of thinking let us make the two EMP kind of mechs because they can choose another two if they see that its gonna be the problem to use it.
And with this choosing option we basically infulence the outcome of the battles even before the batte started. Where is the skill in that? Choosing the right mechs doesn’t sound like one.

I think if we remove the opportunity of choosing a mech before the battle we could force the players to make less specialized mechs.


Long enough to understand some things that some old players prefer to ignore :wink:

I agree with your reasoning but for me, Valiant Sniper is the problem, not EMP!

You don’t need as much regen, EMP can only be used once and VS twice. As I said, you just have to temporise.

You also have a bonus in Arena Shop on electrical resistance and a module for electrical resistance is available too (for a total of 97 Ele Resist). Perhaps will you consider Supercharge Protector as useful now if you can save 97 dmg per round?

You’ve understood this game, congrats!
But sometimes, it requires skill to make the good choice.


Well, I do not use an EMP and I have no problems with opponents carrying it.
You just need to counter them.

They need to put on energy engines to fire the EMP and HP plates for HP.
So the mechs using EMP usually have low heat cap and cooling.
As such just use a Heat Bomb to counter them.

No need to nerf EMP.


You need to improve your math :exclamation:

Calculate please one whole 1v1 battle … and tell me the result how much a Energy Mech can drain Energy and how much damage all together 1 Energy Mech can do :interrobang:

If you finished you will see, that what you said, is nonsense :exclamation:

It seems “old players” know more … the SuperCharge Protector is useless because of the mechanic of Energy Mechs … the drain thing.

Once more, do the math about, and you will see why :exclamation:



This actually works on me pretty well, energy mechs usually have low health right? So yeah, I meet alot of physicals with 400+ energy, and two annies, I do destroy their energy, but they destroy my hp before I could drain them first. (Unless you’re a The Claw energy energy crab build, then you have less problem on hp.)


Like this one


Heat Bomb is one of the most useless weapons - ONLY in very spezific cases, its good :exclamation:

Guess 3 times why 2 of the longest time playing Heaters stopped useing them, after they tried all with the Bomb :interrobang:



Fully agreed. The luck factor is overwhelming in having to choose the right mechs. Example:

Opponent has 2 energy mechs and 1 heat mech.

You have 3 physical mechs, 1 counter-energy, 1 counter-heat/phys, and one well rounded.

Given that your counter-energy has to pack 6 energy engines, a res mod, and a HP mod, you cannot pack any heat engines. And also, 1 heat engine is as good as none against arena shop buffed heaters.

Since your heat mech has to pack 3 heat engines and enough HP mods and resistance, there is no room for any energy mods.

If the opponent chooses 1 heat and 1 energy mech, and you chose your anti-energy and well-rounded, you will lose if your anti-energy goes first against opponents heat mech, and vice versa.

No matter which mechs you choose out of the 3, you could choose wrong. There is no chance but luck to determine who will win in this scenario.

This is one aspect of the game that i can’t stand. 1v1 was the best battle mode that forced well-rounded builds. 2v2 is mostly about luck. Horrible!

As a physical, countering an energy with a heat bomb will only buy you one turn, because you don’t carry any heat weapons to sustain the shutdown. I have found it Pointless. Furthermore, as a physical, the heat bomb is useless against most other mechs that averagely pack around 500-600 heat and decent cooling. Same goes for a physical packing EMP. @lordgorgon has had some success with this, but its only good against certain opponents.

Energy is just unbalanced at the moment. The evidence is in having to pack 6 energy engines to have a chance. And this includes a 17% energy cap arena shop buff.

This was drained on the second turn yesterday and never recovered weapons capability. Yes, this!


LOL! It is common knowledge that the L-M E res mod is useless. I have tested it extensively. The problem is not energy damage, but energy drain. The Res mod does not help with this OR BONUS DAMAGE.



Seraph was one of the few choices that saved us from this weapon’s wrath.
But you nerfed it,because electrics were dying more than us,instead,as it turned the tables between phys and electrics.

Right now,electrics have accessible means to insta-drain us,making them toppers again.
What about us?Why only them?
You have to nerf this.

Range and Weight Strategy
Range and Weight Strategy
EMP is too OP - EMP needs to be nerfed
May be the best way to nerf EMP

I explained that very well in the first hour devs decided to make only 2v2 :exclamation:

The post is still there, @Mohadib tried to argument against, BUT time will show that I am correct :exclamation:

I guess I played this game around 5000 hours more then @Mohadib self :exclamation:

I know exactly what I am talking about :exclamation:



Pretty sure, besides your 5,000 hours (wow that’s impressive). That so far, EVERYONE has played more than Mohadib, pretty sure he’s barely ever on.

not to undermean your point, it’s solid


This further contributes to the imbalance and stupidity that infects the game. The devs themselves don’t play it. How on earth could they understand it?

Also, the dynamics and implications of playing in R3-1 are way different than in other ranks. Some things are just crap at lower ranks and way too OP in higher ranks, and vice versa. In other words, heat bomb may be spectacular in R5-15, but it is pathetic in R2-1 etc. However, the EMP is ridiculous at any level of play.