EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


The heck you on about?? LOL


I still don’t know either…


Oki. Let’s put it simple.
A naga torso, with roling beast.
4 energy engines, 1 myth phis resist, 1 regen booster, 2 myth plates.
Stats :
Hp 2063.
En : 608.
Regen : 383.
Heat : 220.
Cooldown : base is 72(90 ish with bonus).
Wepons : spartan, NF, Anihil, seraph.
1800ish hp energy mech,
En : 800ish.
Regen: 340ish.
Heat 300ish.
Cooldown 120ish.
Wepons : dual VS, 2 Emps, bunker.
Start at range 5 :
Energy goes first, pulls drobe, 70 dmg, 90 drain.
Phis : spartan and drone, 500ish dmg.
2nd round,
Energy 2 VS, drone, drain 544, 490 dmg.
Phis has 62energy left, spartan, hook, drone, 700ish dmg.
Hp of mechs : energy 600ish. Phis 1400ish.
3rd round
Energy stomp, and emp, drone, drain 640, dmg 300, extra drain dmg 340 -640 = 300 extra dmg. Total 600.
Phis : anihil, charge(if anihil hit over 300), if not move in range 1.
Hp after 3rd : energy either dead, or 200ish hp. Phis 800 hp.
4th round :
Energy stomp, bunker, drone, drain 360, dmg 700ish.
Phis, charge and anihil.
Hp: energy dead.
Phis if lucky on rolls of energy wepons(all top rolls, on bunker and drone and stomp) might be dead.

Start at range 1:
Energy first drone up, 90 drain 90 dmg.
Phis, seraph, anihil, 600 dmg.
2nd round
Energy : stomp, emp, drone, drain 640, dmg 350ish, and another 40 drain dmg.
Phis : hook, anihil, 500ish dmg.
Hp after 2nd :
Energy : 700
Phis : 1600ish.
3rd round :
Energy : stomp, bunker drone, drain 360ish, dmg 800.
Phis : anihil, move into range, 300 dmg
Hp after 3rd :
Energy : 400.
Phis : 800 .
4th :
Energy: teleport,valiant, drone, drain 317, dmg, 350.
Phis : charge, anihil/stomp if in corner.
Or charge and NF( you have energy).
Hp: energy dead( if not incredibly unluky rolls of phis).
Phis : 350-200.
Just an example.
If energy uses claw, then his close range setup falls by 90ish drain when in range 1, and gives you more chances to regen an whack him with the sword.
The ideea is to use blind spots, in the energy build above that is range 1.
Also, this is a rock-papper-scissors game, and energy is ment to counter phis, phis to counter heat, heat to counter energy.
If you want to counter energy with phis, that meens you have to semy-troll build, aka pack 5-6 energy modules. Just like to counter heat with energy, you troll build 800 heat cap energy mech, with 200ish energy, just enough to fire wepons.
The phis build is just an example, there are others that can work just as well, in the wepons setup, be it with NE, Spartan, or NE, and 2 NF, or just NE, dual anihil.
Also rolls on wepons impact the outcome alot, and also starting position, who is first, etc.
An energy with 2 emps, is defently a high energy 800ish cap, that needs to pack 6 energy modules atleast, can also be considered a troll build.
The main actual impact is not EMP, but the fact that with Claw, and myth hp, you end up with people packing too much energy for a phis build, and thus makeing energy useless.
Look at befor EMP, phis with 650ish energy, dual spartans were smashing energy at evry corner, while still having enough heat, and hp to do decent against heats or other phis.
Phis with 700 ish heat caps, that could smash heat builds and also deal with other phis.
That was a one way street.
And that is what real unbalance look like, when with a single element you dominate the rest.
This is how i see it, and i think that instead of nerfing an item, just look for a solution, even if that solution is not to your likeing.


I wouldn’t trust TS with solving this one tho because Tacticsoft proved that if their solution is not nerfing then they are gonna just introduce a more OP item which makes the previously OP item less OP (problem solved in their mind).


yes that is how things work, for them.
In the past that is how they solved things, and we went along with it.
So i ask from their point of view, if it worked in the past, why not still do it?
And this is where we come into play, if we actualy look for what generated the problem,and not go along with short term solution that they give us, but actualy point out how to solve the core problem.
There are grievious other unbalances in the game, then this EMP.
Claw, myth plates, VS.
The claw is in my opinion the bigest unbalance, since it allows players to build 2300-2600 ish hp mechs,using only 2 modules slots(epic plates or myth plates). This creates a huge unbalance between those that have it of not.
And thus in created the counterbuilding thing to the extream, with specialised 2600 ish hp mechs, that can have 800ish energy/heat caps, that walk all over their designeted counters.
So how could an energy fight a 800/350 2600 phis monster?
With his curent wepons, befor EMP was released, he wouldnt be able to even drain him, befor beeing blasted.
Thus the response of TS was, EMP and Heat bomb.
Heatbomb doesn’t work, since heat has a diferent principle, and if you pair it against a 2600 hp, 800/380 heat mech, it really doesnt do anything.
But the EMP works, it can actualy drain the 2600/350, and he can win it by a small margin, sometimes…


Funny you were in favour of Seraph nerf, but now say this.

Everyone knows you have ulterior motives in your ‘advice’ and comments.



and what exactly are those…since i dont actualy know them… but do enlighten me with something else then your rants and insults.
You are a phis claw user, that while promoting that seraph be maintained at 500ish dmg, and also yeling out of you lungs to nerf the only thing that can counter your build… the EMP… talk about other haveing ulterior motives.
What can an energy build do, against a 2600 hp, 800/350 energy mech, without EMP?
Don’t you see that the problem is the Claw, not the EMP, since the claw alows you to pack 6 energy modules, that just negates any posibility for Energy to stand a chance against you, while maintaining you as a decent anty phis fighter.


I have and I had a seraphblade so the nerf would affect me too. And yes I said it should need limited use or some kind of nerf, I never said they should nerf the damage back.


EMP cannot counter my build. It takes 2 mechs equipped with it, plus extraordinary circumstances to be able to beat my counter. Ask your buddy Mordulec.

But that’s not the point. It has created imbalance to the degree that 1 mech can now only counter 1 type effectively. The game has always been balanced enough for 1 mech to counter 2 types. This was NOT the case with the Seraph buff.

The weapon is OP and needs a nerf.


the revert dmg was a quick fix for them, there were other that would have been better,increase weight, limit uses, increase costs, buf the others to similar lvls.
But the revert it back was just quicker, less headache.


It’s a 2150hp mech with 872/360. Imagine when I get 20% E cap on Saturday. Then work towards 20% regen.

When those levels are maxed, then we will see what is what. Just a matter of time before I can drop 1 or 2 engines and add a bit of heat. But regardless, the EMP needs a nerf.

You as a person that understands this game cannot be against such a nerf, unless it is somehow not in YOUR best interests.


I will write this in each topic



Really Blade got a nerf? How cool I just finished maxing it to Mythical today…


You missed the topic :exclamation:

You missunderstand a main thing here in this thread - it is NOT about couter building - every build can be countered :exclamation:
And it is NOT about if I can win against EMP users or not :exclamation:

This thread is about …

EMP way to OP - EMP needs a nerf :exclamation:

A single OP item :exclamation:



maybe you misunderstanding.
if you say emp is OP and it needs nerf , maybe your builds weak against emp users. use a EMP-Counter build. it doesnt need a nerf.


Nope it is not about counter building :exclamation:
Please read "And it is NOT about if I can win against EMP users or not :exclamation:

lost not 1 until now against EMP users and if I would thats fine also, you can’t win all, but as said, it is not about if I win or lose against EMP users

This thread is about …

EMP way to OP - EMP needs a nerf :exclamation:

A single OP item :exclamation:



From what I gathered, EMP only needs a “nerf” because phys has no way of countering it. But, there are heat builds that counter it, so it clearly isn’t OP (it would win every battle if it were OP)

The solution to this is to just be flexible and not have 3 phys mechs :neutral_face:


you know , SM"reloaded" is a counter-build update(i think?). everyone counters other ones mechs. so nerfing it doesnt change anything


Exactly - and as said, it is not about counter building, feel free to open a own thread about counter building :exclamation:

It is about a single item which is OP :exclamation:

EMP way to OP - EMP needs a nerf :exclamation:



ok i undertsand you. you want nerf this item. so i am leaving here but you know , nerfing items doesnt change this “reloaded” system