EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


Stop with the “jump of the phys train”

While yes, they do use physical, I agree with what they are saying even thought I have been a heat main for 6 months.
While there are other items I believe should be nerfed (like the claw- weight increase?) things can only be done one at a time
And the EMP is the main concern


Those walk all over EMP.
I have been fighting as an energy long ago.
I know how it works, how ranges function.
I know that regen is more inportant then cap.
I know that stay out of combo range is more important then uleashing dmg.
You want to sit and trade with an energt in his combo range, you lose.
I am not a douch, and never was.
You can take my opinions or not, nobody is forcing you or any other to do sheet.


I think a better solution to the overly high cap phys mechs would have been to nerf the claw so they dont feel like they can get away with sacraficing so much hp module space and dedicate it all to such ridiculously high energy stats.


Just tested now against Misfit. Results:

6 engines with 872/360 is drained on 3rd turn, no coming back.

6 engines with Booster is drained on 3rd turn, no regen after 4th against VS and Ash.

Getting to 410 regen requires 4 engines and 2 boosters = 6 mods. Better results with 6 engines. More regen, less cap was worse.

We used exact same starting position for the tests.


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You have my respect much more now, as almost everything you have said in this thread is correct.


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I think the theory behind the higher regen that El metre suggests is that EMP is a single use and so requires follow up to maintain that drain. so even though you can knock out an opponents energy very fast, if they have the regen to recover and keep out of range of a combo which would follow up the EMP (avoiding double valients etc.) then you should get back up to fighting strength.

I think this is where claw mechs will struggle as they lack mobility. once drained all they can do is hook and charge (tele gone). so I’m actually happy that the claws weakness is finally coming into play more.

although, my clanmates and the majority might be against me in expressing these thoughts, I am starting to come around on the necessity of the EMP and getting a better understanding of how to counter it.

just like it has been pointed out that people have been to rigid and close minded on torso selection, maybe people need to be more open to the idea of not using a claw. this is a good thing imo. finally if these theories are realised the claw will no longer be the staple for anyone who has access to it.

we’ll see how things pan out with a bit more time for people to adapt I guess.


Even with legs, I could not have beaten you at any range with less energy mods. I’m sure you realise that?

Plus I would have had less HP and died a lot faster.


thats because you also didnt have the higher regen. you only had the one booster available for the tests.

I myself am going to get me a naga and some more boosters and explore this thing. don’t really have anything to lose and I do love a good field test. it’s good to have some direction and my curiosity has been peaked. will come down on my final position when I see for myself.


In the land of the blind, the one eye man is king.
@lordgorgon what did i tell you about EMP counter befor it even got released? Mobility is needed.


I can put some legs on that mech and we can test further?

Tell me what to set up.


wait till you finish the boosters you’re working on so we can give the theory it’s fair trial in all its components.


Sure thing.

20 things


So… 850man was right?


Nobody said that. But I challenge anybody to build such a POS and see if it can produce better results than my anti-energy.


This is nonsense …

  • moving from range 2-4 EMP to range 4-8 ValiantSniper …
    congratulation good idea :exclamation:
  • moving from range 2-4 EMP to range 1 AshCreater and Energy Legs …
    congratulation good idea :exclamation:

Maybe to move to range 11 … :rofl:


Also even IF it would work, what it does not, you need special configuration / weapons for … where we would be also again at counter building :exclamation:

You missunderstand a main thing here in this thread - it is NOT about couter building - every build can be countered :exclamation:

This thread is about …

EMP way to OP - EMP needs a nerf :exclamation:

a single OP item