EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


Correct … you can be drained even after 1st turn (when yourself start), energy opponent has 2 moves at 1st turn) …

-76 Energy Damage WindForge - 393 Energy Damage EMP

  • -562 Energy 1st Turn … (the 20% from Arena Shop added)

… and that using the Drone, you can easy use an other energy weapon with more drain, and activate the Drone after :exclamation:


That clearly shows that the EMP is way to OP and needs a nerf :exclamation:



Anyone think anything of my idea?
I’m no top player, so was wondering what the top players think the right solution is


@Mr.E is right. Good testing before mything.
I have loads of engines, boosters and capsules, also grim.
Ill cook up a testing protocol and we can get to it in pvp. Will be tomorrow tho


Hi mate. Claw is used by every type. Doesnt really advantage phys.
For emp im still not sure.
Seraph is a very good blade as is. Devs turned everybody crazy by pranking this buffed version. Forget it and use it as it is (or not)


Although, just a question- how will emp get nerfed without anything else?

Otherwise, some people will go crazy, talking about claw builds ect.


People are always talking…


I think EMP is ok as it is.
It provides energy a good amount of drain, and a decent response to the high energy phis mechs that hunt them.
Befor it, high energy mechs mechs could not be drained, and pounded energy mechs in less then 2-3 turns, now they get a “get out of jail card”, intem, that gives them a fighting shot.
It was why the devs made it, to find a solution to the problem of a single element dominating the others.
Sure there are counters to it, but are not the traditional ones.

In my book, it is a decent item, a hell lot better then Heatbomb.


I disagree. There are so many imbalanced items, and it is putting some things into turmoil. The EMP is one of them. I’m not sure who said it here, but 290 sounds good, as it does more drain than any other weapon. There could be some resistance drain added to make up for this, and to help make it more acceptable.

These new additions are also keeping certain types like mass heaters from having a chance.


Best solution would be …

EMP -290 Energy damage and all would be fine :exclamation:

Thats still 101 more drain then the current OP item ValiantSniper for only 27 kg :exclamation:

Think about the ValiantSniper :exclamation:



290 drain from a weapon nearly half the weight of VS is fair game.

I’d say nerf HB as well. Since lord knows people will complain about that difference as well.

here comes the shit storm


It is a one use wepon, with 50 dmg, no res drain, no regen dmg, that weights half of a 200 dmg wepon, 189 drain, -17 res,-regen, with 2 uses… sounds fair?


Please explain how you can say this now, after you mentioned 20 times that ValiantSniper is OP :question:

I know your real reason, because it favours you atm … you can’t hide obvious reasons :exclamation:

ValiantSniper -189 Energy damage 51 kg
EMP -393 Energy damage 27 kg

And please no Novel and fairy tales :exclamation:



It’s quite fair, since I’ve seen most use one/two. One for mass drain and the second for massive damage. Please, stop, it’s fair with it being at 290 drain at 27kgs.

El-metre, just stop talking man. You’ve been digging yourself into a hole these last few weeks with this bs man.


Read above…
2 uses Vs 1 use…
31 energy cost Vs 393…
-17 res drain Vs 0…
Rege dmg Vs nothing.
200 dmg Vs 50.
Figure it out.


You really dont get it do you?
Nerf it… they will use 2 or 3 of them.
They will pack less energy cap, if the cost drops, and that meens 1 more hp plate for them.
That will not make any diference.


Better to last another round or two, than to be drained in one turn.


Really? Beeing fair and stateing my opinion, be it diferent then yours digs me a hole…
Jump of the phis train, and think about real balance and fairness.


No need to figure anything out, it is obvious that it is OP :exclamation:

EMP way to OP - EMP needs a nerf :exclamation:

Energy build first turn (2 moves) if not started …

-393 Energy damage EMP -123 Energy damage BunkerShell

  • -619 Energy damage 1st Turn … (the 20% from Arena Shop added)

Same example using the Drone above :exclamation:

Numbers don’t lie :exclamation:

EMP way to OP - EMP needs a nerf :exclamation:



Same thing.
At 600 energy cap, at range 3 he will pop one and drone, nd next tur he will pop another and a bunker… same result…
You close range, he pops a buldog and another…


I am thinking of the fairness, fairness for people who try their best to counter braindead energies. I’ve been doing since long before I became a phys main. Back when I was a heat main. I still thought of how to make it more fair for us all.

Stating your opinion is one thing, completely ignoring everyone elses makes you look like a complete douche bag. EMP is overpowered if not even 800/350 mechs can defeat it.

Get your head out of the crevice you call an ass and realize that. Because at this point, it’s pointless to be any type that isn’t energy. (non energy heaters are irrelevant here since they require L+M mods/weps).