EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


Steongly agree with the arrogance part. Ive been an a@$, tried to redeem.
But mate you know that even with 400 regen you aint gonna do anything vs a sweet electrician. You cap and shoot until drain, then hope that hook/charge mercy finishes the job


That is where you do wrong, cause you place yourself in the range of combos.
Energy has a bkind spot, always had it… range 1.
But hey why listen to T-850, or others, you guys know better… right?


So it would be without energy in the third turn?


@Mr.E and El, do please relax. This is no place to fight, fight the devs not each other.

We’re not getting anywhere fighting like this guys.


Well at that point i already received my emp and salves of vaillant… id be around 400hp anyway.


You my friend insult us on a daily basis with your blatant lies and trolling. So maybe you should piss off!

You think we are little kids here to believe all your fantasy tales and BS!



No - depends on your Energy Cap, but the numbers show pretty fine how EMP is OP, because Energy builds had already OP items with high energy drain :exclamation:



Just gonna put my own opinion in here, on the topic of the nerf of the emp-

I really feel there should be a nerfing (and slight buffing!) of multiple weapons, and not just the emp.
With the nerf of the emp, there needs to be the nerfing of the claw. That way, physicals don’t have total domination because of this op leg. If the emp is nerfed, and not the claw, energies will die because they can’t stand up to so much health and module space. If both are nerfed, then it might be balanced.
I also think that the seraph blade should be brought to around 430 damage, with 9 res drain. This way the seraph is useful.
Finally, the weight of heat would need to be reduced. Its not just the emp. Its so much more

Range and Weight Strategy
Range and Weight Strategy
EMP is too OP - EMP needs to be nerfed
May be the best way to nerf EMP

Think it thru.
You are a smart and adaptive player, you will find use in what has been said.


This shows how ‘clever’ you really are. Range 1 is Ash Creator and bulldog.

Range 1 is where I lose to URBU. But I forgot, you don’t play anymore right …more lol BS


I believe that if you are a phys and come to the 3er. turn with energy, then you have possibilities to liquidate energy mech, with something like Mercy.

If you lose all your energy in the 2nd. turn, forget it, even if you have Mercy and annihilation.


Metre and E are fighting.
Meanwhile besty and wep are having a tea party around emp effects on an elec build.

Surpizing evening. Will make pop corn.


Yes, thats the approach… hence as much cap as possible to go to 3rd turn…


Ain’t this amazing!?!?!?!? they’re actually talking so peacefully.

lemme not jinx it, just so lovely to see


this discussion has actually been quite interesting and has given me a lot to think about. for a while now I have been leaning towards the idea of moving more towards regen on my phys. and I have been guilty of being very close minded with my torsos: sticking mostly to windigo, zark and brutality. recently tried out an avenger energy which has been getting some good results though. think I might start experimenting with a naga like suggested.


To be honest mate, I used to have a lot of respect and admiration for him, but lately his condescending attitude and the constant BS he expects us to believe has just become too much for me now.

Plus the trolling. I’m not having any of it anymore. You can continue with the facade if you want.


I tried grim. Does good for a pure elec counter. Overheated myself… elec stats are crazy…


Before you make any moves with building, we can thoroughly test energy caps and regen with my Windigo build against your elec. We can test the thresholds to see exactly what works. Let me know when you want to do this.


I’m available now, meet me in clan chat.


On my way. 20 ways on my