EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


I remember bro. You win gold with rounded line up.

Now insanity reigns arena because of the 2 silly weapons that were released recently.

And does ANYONE use those silly reverse flamethrowers that came before?

…These devs tho …LOL

20 insanities


I gave here 3 builds to counter electrical mechs (fitted with EMP). You can also stand up to pys mechs (except for the red one maybe).
It’s impossible for an energy mech to perma drain you with this builds (ok you will be energy drained for 1 or 2 rounds but it doesn’t cost you the game because EMP has 1 use only).

How do you play your mech? Do you stay on the position where you pop-up and just click on weapons? Sometimes, its better to lose an action with a move (going out of the enemy range to regenerate energy) rather than doing damage and be damaged even more.

It’s because you don’t have this kind of premium stuff TS force you to buy boxes to get them to stay competitive. Once you understand that, you know you have no choice. TS don’t care about the items you already have in your inventory.

Only 3 engines are needed to build a counter elec (look at my link above).
What’s wrong with such a build? You can’t call to the nerf just because you don’t like the counter build… (TS encourage players to play all types of mech. If you don’t like it, it’s your own problem).

I don’t feel offended at all… and to be honest, I don’t get it.


Welcome Top the List is f2p…! He havent platinum…!!

That’s why when I want to complain, I remember him and I say that the one who cannot play good is me.


I understand your perspective. To refer back to a point made many times now by many different people, the original imbalance came as hp and resistance modules dropped in a pattern that is completely bizarre as it relates to the mathematics of RNG (yes I’m still beating that drum).

It sure seems like TS’s fix, has been to introduce 2v2, add new weapons and change the dynamic of the game altogether, rather than just address the original imbalance. Because its “tactics” that they love, right? Masterfully, it has resulted in us arguing with each other rather than with them.


Right! That’s how it works. Once it is uncovered and you get 1, it is easier to get others.


Frangin, im really sorry to say that but.
I think you have no idea of what we are talking about here. “You can easily beat electricians with just 3 engines” was especially crunchy…
I dont mean bad at all believe me, but youre kms away from the reality…


Have you look at my builds at least?
Did you test them?
No offense, just asking.


3 engines …counter elec …no words to befit such lunacy!

I guess you’ve never faced dual valiants with Ash Creator and EMP.

The fact that you have Purifier and Supercharge Protector in your list shows how much you ‘know’ about this game. Your builds are ridiculous!

Please crawl back under your R8 rock.


Pls… Where can I see your builds ?.



In theory it seems … but I would like to see the practical example.

I’m not convinced in what you mention about resistance…


First of all, standard anti energies don’t pack 500/300. More around 500/200 (currently my set up).

Second of all, 2k HP in 3 rounds is decimated by EMP, VS, ASH/WF/FS.

Please, stop talking. You clearing have no clue what you’re saying, your builds have been tried previously. Different tactics applied. Still makes no difference, EMP needs a massive nerf. Arena buffs also don’t help much, when energy still destroyed your shit.

I see why Mr.E said that. My god, this dudes really r8 material.


I insist that I would like to see the practical example


Eh guys easy on @T-850, he is quite new in the game hein.
And a fellow french man.

Weve all been there.


But I’m not interested in who he is! I’m interested if what he says is practicable or not.

@bestplayerintheworld… you have experience and all the items … could you build something like that and play a battle against EMP to see if it works or not?


Fack it. Im back to rounded mode. Id rather loose plainly than in the “pick up lotery”


“Better to be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and relieve all doubt” - Wise man

If he’s new, then rather learn something before coming here to tell us we’re idiots to say EMP must be nerfed, and then give us garbage heap build suggestions that make no sense, whilst insisting we must try them :joy:

Come on man …Please!


He is actualy right, but not with zark torso tho.
You guys focus all around zark/Brut torsos, and experimented with grim, but grim is a lo low hp torso, with excess en cap.
Naga is the actual torso that you use to build a phis energy counterbuild.
Keep in mind this build is phis and energt counter so heat is not important.
The actual benefit of Naga is the highest regen of all, and decent hp, Sith can also be used, but not that much due to the fact it is lo lo heat.
While most of you focus on energy cap, to actualy beat EMP, you need regen… and to play smart, to avoid energy combos that completly drain your regened energy.
But well, see it as you like, and throw all that arogance into the face of a guy thay saw thay befor you.
He will just smile and let you drown in your ignorance.


In that I thought, in the regen. Not for nothing have I been maxing out regen modules these days …


Ok, I will help you to get it …

Your words and arguments can be pretty summerized with that statement …

1st of all, this thread is NOT about counter building, or if a specific kind of mechs are strong or not :exclamation:
If a type of mechs would not be beatable, the whole game would be broken.
Every single build can be countered - of course :exclamation:

2nd this thread is about … EMP is way to OP, it needs a Nerf

3rd numbers …

1st turns WindForge 76 Energy damage

“boom” the energy build get 400 damage (Drone with weapon), opponent regenerate 250 energy

2nd turns EMP 393 Energy damage + Bunker Shell 123 Energy damage + WindForge 76 Energy damage

“boom” the energy build get 400 damage (out of energy, hook and energy free weapon or stomp), opponent regenerate 250 energy

3rd turns ValiantSniper 189 Energy Damage + ValiantSniper 189 Energy Damage + WindForge 76 Energy damage

“boom” the energy build get 400 damage (out of energy, hook and energy free weapon or stomp), opponent regenerate 250 energy, cos totally drained

AND where and HOW you can use now your energy-dependent weapon “later” :question:
After what - your dead :question:

… - 76
… +250 (can only go to max Cap again, so +/- 0 after)

… -592
… +250
… - 454
… +250

… -546

That are the numbers without the 20% Bonus from Arena Shop.
Here with (on both sides) …

… -710
… +300
… - 544
… +300

… - 654

So you should rethink your arguments a lot :exclamation: