EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf


Since a lot of players complained that SeraphBlade was OP and it got nerfed again …

EMP is way more OP :exclamation:

EMP needs a nerf :exclamation:

Feel free to discuss and give good suggestions :exclamation:

My suggestion would be …

290 Energy Damage

… because to need to carry 4 - 5 Energy moduls to be able to survive this is way to much :exclamation:


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May be the best way to nerf EMP
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It seriously needs a massive nerf. Not only can it drain you in one bloody turn (wf and other wep included). But it does BONUS DAMAGE.

What the shit!? It’s becoming pointless to PVP. Getting drained within 1-2 turns and standing there. Barely being able to use energy-less weapons.

EMP is too OP - EMP needs to be nerfed
May be the best way to nerf EMP
Range and Weight Strategy
Range and Weight Strategy

Feel free to make a topic about :exclamation:

But this topic here is a different one :exclamation:



Absolute correct, also think about that Energies have the possibility of …

  • +20% Electric damage


  • +20 Energy damage

… because of that fact, this weapon will make Energies way to strong :exclamation:



I’ve already been hit by it for 500+ damage while drained (after they blew their first one).

Honestly, I hate to complain about some shit being bloody over powered. (Someones gonna bring the seraph bs up during this btw), but this weapon needs a massive nerf.

I’ve only just gotten to being able to pack 500-600 energy on one mech. But even then, it’s all gone in a turn.

Energies need a massive nerf to their drain abilities. And this bonus damage, it’s so annoying. There’s no counter at all for anything related to energy. (VS was bad enough but this is just making things even more terrible).

I apologize for ranting/venting a little there besty. Not trying to flood your topic. This just annoys me beyond anything.


Bunker Shell can hit for 620 when you’re fully drained, and it drains energy stats and resistance, for a tiny energy cost of 31


That’s only if drained (or by pure luck if arena stats are taken into consideration).

Dual EMP can drain you and hit you for all of that damage within a turn or two.

Like what’s the point of running anything energy if it’s gone within a matter of seconds. The favoritism with energy is painfully obvious here. Heat can’t shut you down that quickly, barely overheats you (unless you’re packing 400 heat like a twit).

There’s no reason for EMP/HB (yes heat bombs got it’s issues too) to even exist. Other than to make heats look stupid again. And make energies top again.


The only noticeable difference between the two is this, and I think this is why certain p(l)ayers are upset Screenshot_20180515-224242~3


Most players are upset by the bloody obvious. Being drained in a turn while also having massive damage thrown at you in said turn is beyond stupid.

Yes, most are/would be upset by the drop type (epic/leg). But that’s not the reason they’re mad. As stated a painful amount of times.

No one. Wants. To. Be. Drained. In. One. Turn.


This heat mech has zero energy modules.

Not shown here, but that bunker took 630


Why in the bloody hell are you mentioning Bunker Shell’s 600+ damage capabilities, when 1st, it’s been known for so long now. 2. It’s not even relevant to the topic. And 3. No one gives a bloody damn.

This is about EMP needing a nerf. You’re trying to derail the topic. And your heat mech, has quite a few energy-less items. Bomb, Magma, Reckoning, and Murmur. Pointless but thought it should be mentioned.

Actually just to be sure, I’ve beaten my fair share of energies that’ve gotten lucky with bunker hitting hard. So please stop.


The point I’m trying to convey here is that it’s not your choice of modules, but weapons


No need to resort to ad-hominem


Actually to my heat don´t affect them at all, on the contrary, EMP does little damage, so when they use it vs. any of my 2 heat plays in my favor.

I guess for any physicist it’s lethal, yes.


I was getting what you meant Pyro, but as I’m not a heat main anymore. It’s quite the lethal item towards physicals.

Which atm is being trashed 90% of the time by energies carrying one/two EMPs. No matter my tactics or weapons/mods.

And @Wepwawet it’s my understanding both of your heat rely on very little energy while packing tons of HP. (Pretty sure only SC needs it on your builds). You’re capable of dealing with them due to three of your main weapons requiring no energy at all.

Not every physical can say the same. Given even are most basic set up (NE/ANI/NF) gets trashed, even with 500-600+ energy.

And need I remind you, the damage at first drain is minimal (barely nicks me). It’s when they fire their second EMP. Then shit hits the fan. (I’m more a fan of being hit with VS/Bunker at this point over EMP).


Phys->Heat->Energy, generally it’s a balanced meta


My 2 heat are 100% free energy.

If I get 2 more platinum, I abandon the phys.


Ah my apologies then, I forgot you switched over to dual Deso’s.

And Pyro, keep telling yourself that. Because for others, that’s not how it is. There is no balanced meta, and none of the three are balanced. (Energy being the most unbalanced).

Anywho, I’m done talking here. It’s pointless.


Heat Bomb is a direct counter to EMP, as they say, “Adapt or die”


True… Though having a Dual Anni, Mercy or any weapon that doesn’t need energy AND deals huge damage, Though I have a strategy on this

  • Stay as far away from EMP’s range
  • Be sure to have somekind of knock back weapon (Repulser, Abomination, Supreme etc.)
  • If cannot be avoided, Deal as much damage as possible before the enemy uses it

It works on me but… it’s not a 100% Guarantee thing, more like 40-60