EMP Portal is LIVE!


maybe bad luck… or your getting too used to the enemies so you tried something different and it didn’t work out as smooth as before

or the difficulty could vary


I’m just playing in hard mode and the first few times I played I did not have an HP bonus

after having the HP bonus it was harder


maybe because it expects you to be better


I played it maybe 15 times, sometimes it nearly killed me and sometimes I had no issues (2k hp). I put it down to RNG myself


Just use an energy mech with 2k hp… easy wins


For me I put maxed out claw on a zarkeres with savagery and desolation then I buy premium which gives me around 2,900 health.


Almost out of fuel, yet can’t get 1 EMP. That’s rough. Tacticsoft give me some love here! :heart:


Their drop rates seem lower than it was for HB.

which is weird

the difficulty is not worth it


No… Rip op portal… :sob:


I just got this in Hard Mode:

Insane mode is too hard for me (I don’t have a decent energy mech yet).


Nice! :heart::heart:


I don’t get it now you guy are getting sucky things now i am getting good things read my others posts to see


I never even said I was getting “sucky” things. I was merely pointing out their low drop rate.

I’ve been doing fine myself with these items.


oh okay then yah because when i did the HB portal i got it on hard the first time


I just got this from fortune box!!!

Three epics!


No way


This things a curse, you’ll max it out. And literally never use it. Even as a scare tactic.

I should know I’ve wasted tons on it

kidding it’s useful but ehhhhhhhhhh


I’m rank 7 but I already built a specialized mech just to defeat hard,and thats already with premium acc on :frowning:


what on what mode hard


Hard mode, not insane, hard mode.