EMP Portal is LIVE!


dude it makes no sense hard is not hard insane is hell


that s a point of view based on items

for me insane isn t hell

point of view


Dang just getting to this now.

Is there anyway portals can be over the weekend or something @Sarah247? My boss doesn’t like sm as much as I do apparently…


everyone i finally got them
15 AM


YUS EMP is out!!!
and its stats aren’t better than heat bomb!
they’re finally fair with a heat/energy counterpart items


I must say that I like this weapon a lot more than the heat bomb.

Of course, excellent for my heats and why not? to my phys … I´ve so many energy modules maxed out, now I find them useful.

Portal nice too.


I got a few epics … I’ve already managed to take 1 of them to legendary.

This bomb is going to come very well to you for one of your phys. You could cancel at least 1 attack from your opponent. And it´s very light.


Do you play with computer or with phone?


It’s weird … and you’ve got legendaries?

Try cleaning, deleting cookies, restarting game and all that …


bro just slap on some epic plates and if disable ad block u can watch ad for 20% hp


Nah…i’ll probably still lose.
Thanks for the advise.


i mean if it takes u a revive then its not bad as the first box is always good every difficulty and u get 10 tokens back


En general es mejor en el ordenador que el el fono… pero en tu caso, no se.

De todas maneras creo que hay algo mal contigo. Con 5 refiles deberías haber obtenido unas cuantas ya…



Dammit already 4x refuel and still not legendary item
miss claw portal best portal for me ever :confused:


Hot n’ spicy, volume 2


me too not legendary

bonus 21 day: hp plate :slight_smile:


Lucky x3 I get my legendary plate when sm reload came up :smiley:


Very disappointed with the drops,once again.

OD6 provided me like double the material for the same fuel and one fifth of the struggle,in one tenth of the time.


my only worth drops (as food kinda) are 2 epics which where arnold (lol) and flaminator (planning on using it with my heat bomb build if i need to… if not then food)


Well while playing the portal in hard mode it was very easy
but after playing it about 4 times it seemed like the difficulty went up

I accept logical suggestions …