EMP Portal is LIVE!


heat bomb portal was just perfect,decent drops,6 energy on hard


My weapons are at legendary, not enough for hard on item portals :frowning:


portals are not for everyone,you got to be at least idk maybe rank 10 to do it on hard and at least 6 to do it on insane without revive


Disaponted…Does anyone have a problem beating hard mode?
If no one,then i am soo disanpointed


Try put so many energy eng and iron plates what you have and all dps or mass cooler/drain weapon


i’m having problems with it too… this game is unfair sometimes…


Problems with insane (Mechs with 2k hp… HALOOOO)


Ts pls make me strong kthx.


i use two malice on legendary, but is not enough till i drain the enermies :frowning:


It wasn’t like this for HB’s. Yet type/weight being one of the only differences between the two. EMP’s has the tougher portal.

This makes no god damn sense at all.


and some guys complain about the emp… well, hb was much easier then this one, this is a fact.


waste your tokens on this portal,hope for a legendary,get nothing,use all your tokens on refills,one day after the portal,boom sale,waste your money on tokens
download (3)

just a prediction

maybe a nerfed portal?


hahahahaahahahaa, if that happens i will be so much pissed…


Probably will do the same thing.


nerfed why? because of crybaby heat guys? probably…


Fuq. Im an heat guy.


it s just my opinion,i have no evidence


sorry yoyo, not you, but there are many guys who keep talking bs because of mass drainers like me you know?


IK, but could be true… who knows right? hahaha


yay, finally got one emp… gonna go for the second now… but already got one charge engine, one reckless beam, some purple fuel… yeah, good portal :slight_smile: