EMP Portal is LIVE!


yay more weapons for me not for you guys hahahhaahahhahhahahaha


legendarys drop rate is quite low…


i got this on hard i think my luck is changing yay
50 AM


is EMP epic to myth or legendary to myth


i think even though i dont get what you said


Same as a heat bomb…we are dead.


guys insane is to insane more like hell


Epic to myth i think.

I wonder if you can get legy hard mode from the portal


Of course he can

if i take legs with my rly bad luck


how many runs on which difficulty?


I can’t fuqing beat hard mode.
It’s too imposimble for me.


First drop on run 5, second on 17 and third on 39 all on hard



which one?


I am soo fuqing disapinted that you guys can get legy because you are too good.
Next time buff heat.


4 refills still 0 leg


is it worth use refil on gold portals?


nope,but this is a item portal


yeah, this type of portal is worth? i already got two fortune boxes, but nothing of emp yet :confused:


in my opinion?nope
i will rather farm bb on hard,at least there i get gold


well, gonna try another refill later on, if got nothing better, tomorrow i test my luck with this stupid portal… on the run for leg itens for upgrades, but epic serves too :smiley: