EMP Portal is LIVE!


But with 190 energy cap and 1 cooling


I dont think i ever mythed something THAT fast


Nice relic btw. ;)…


another legendary nightmare torso i got
my relation with nightmare is
it was my first myth
i got 1 legendary nightmare from zarkares portal,claw portal,hybrid portal,heat bomb portal and now emp portal

cant complain coz its myth food thou


just like the heat bomb. i also thought overlapping the two new guns would make it purple lol


Wait how did you get it to max mythical so fast?


at least you got 1 legendary
20 runs and still 0


Hello there!
If any physical or heat mechs want to write a testament,this is the time to do so.
I am opening the “Broken Hopes” company eith the occasion of the EMP’s launch.

Physicals and heaters around the world…


Well, ill be waiting.
What time are we in? Time for specialized builds. Thats exactly what the devs want. Itll leave a large part to luck while picking mechs.

A phys specialized anti elec? 850/300 stats, 90 elec resistance and 2300hp.
Electricians, toughts? You can equip 2 of these i wouldnt mind.


Im makin a nrg mech though…


what about a phys with en free weapons 550/220 en/reg and rolling beasts,and charge and hook


A phys needs to shoot. If you run after a guy and land 1 shot per turn, at 0 energy, youll be gone fast…




emp +2 valiant snipers+1 ash creator+2 bunker+claw


Well, we will see but i think ill be able to go through 1.5 builds like this with an anti energy. Then finish of easy with my rounded boi… lets give it a few days to see how it unfolds…


Tomorrow I will post portal video to everyone!:slightly_smiling_face:


Not change anything for me, as soon as I oppose a energy mech. I give up.


There’s no problem, you can counter this weapon in this way: spend 3000 dolars, buy premium pack and hope to get platinum plates, mighty protector and electric resistance. Then equip only one myth hp and add only energy modules. It’s important to have 10,000 dollars in your bank account


Hands down the best mix box I’ve gotten!!!

The items may not have been the best, but two epic and a legendary that’s amazing!


lol make 2 myth emp and its give a really good worth( 2 LITTLE BUNKERS) but its useles… because mb or hysteria make the same damage in zero energy :neutral_face: