EMP Portal is LIVE!


2 EMPs in 15 minutes here… gave up after another 30 with nothing good


Let’s be real guys. These portals are really only useful for legs and fod to max shit.

Least that’s what I’ve been using them for. I rarely ever farm outside of these. (Well for gold but that’sanother thing).

I’m OT but ehh, I’m just happy to get some fod lmao


I got like over 25 , used half to make more emps


i only got 3 emps on hard mode farming all day all night


I’ve got more than 12… i fused most of them away.


To be a bit more reliable

They were dropping like mad for me, unlike the legies :frowning: I also fused some away; I’d have about 20 atm


My goodness, While I only have 9 EMPs.


What would people say to this?

a good trade

Btw. those are really 5 EMPs:

no joke


But rest assured, energy guys.

I used only 1 legendary EMP, 1 legendary Ronin (Torso), 1 leg. phys legs (no myth possible), 1 leg. Nemo and 1 leg. Adv. Teleporter to upgrade my Claw to myth.

I just found it interesting what response using 5 EMPs to upgrade the Claw would have. :smile:


Just an advice.

Ur spoiler failed.


I noticed that, too. That is why I edited it right away.
Just took some time.
But thanks for informing me.



I even see too much spoiler faliure.


Probably the same mistake I made:

Trying to use “Enter” to make a new line not knowing that starting a new line cuts off the spoiler coding and hence negates it.


yeah, many quote failures and small word failures too…
like this ######off topic by the way


I also ran the portal nonstop, and I got over 20 EMPs. You and I (and many others) ran Claw portal nonstop and got zero of those.

I think this is more evidence that supports my ideas on RNG and drop tables. So is TS doing this on accident or on purpose?


i still need better weapons tho so i think i’ll stay here in my happy corner trying not to have to fight your mech for like… as long as i play


A counter to energy drained in 1 turn because of the EMP (plus Face Shocker)!!!

You nerfed the SeraphBlade,giving yet another advantage to electrics.I think it’s time you nerfed this thing,too.

We can’t only have anti-electric builds!
How could I make a build with 5 energy engines and also stand a chance against other builds? (when my actual counter got drained in 1 turn!?Half-leveled legend modules,but they provide 500+ energy which is good for rank 4)
I don’t want to play like that;I’d rather throw it all up on the window.


Use 4 ele engines and 4 plates and windigo lol


Then where’s the fun if I have to use preset builds?

Btw,take a look;mine is still stronger by a little bit:


I’ve used the 4 ele engines and 4 plates for some time, mods just need 2 be upgraded


WTF L3x! Why did you use EMP on such a great person? STOP IT!
It’s no fun anymore! Don’t do this again to him.
Damn you L3x, damn you…