EMP Portal is LIVE!


That might work pretty well.
Like the build


That’s like my build, but with Lightning Supporters and Hysteria.


Your luck?
I have been trying in every single game I played for about 7 years.
I had bad luck in all of them. You think you can call that bad luck?


how is it working out?


Pretty well I suppose, especially with the 4 energy engines and my new mythical Windforge I got from this portaloo.

Edit : But beware, you’ll have complications when your enemy is in range 1, you have no melee weps of some sort.


now that you mention drone… im using faceshoker


Ehh, never really liked FaceShocker, not my type of drone.


why? maybe the 3 uses?
i like it cause of the drain and damage (not to mention the shield drain)


Hmm, well I should go back to farming now, also you’re right, I don’t like it because of it’s uses, makes you lose a few turns in the battle just opening up the drone. While Windforge basically has the exact same drain, while being lighter and costs less, but kinda weak dmg. Anyways, bye.


Well, I did not say bad luck. I said my kind of luck.


Actually you know what? I’m going to have the exact same mech twice it’s a good day y’all good day.


i just tried my build, IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!!
once i get valiant and emp to myth NO ONE SHA’LL STAND A CHANCE


Except when I bomb you first :stuck_out_tongue:


not if i valiant you before that


except when I have more en. cap and regen

PM me if you want to continue :slightly_smiling_face:


Let see did EMP is it worth to use it!:wink:


That’s a bold statement considering dual valiant, EMP, Bunker packers get eaten for breakfast everyday by my fat boi XD!



Is that photoshoped, or you really got 12 EMPs :question:

Because I got 1, playing the Portal 48 hours close to nonstop (minus sleep) :exclamation:



Some managed 12 or more. I myself managed only 5, and that was after hundreds of runs and literally sitting through nearly the whole 48 hours farming.

I guess some just got luckier than others. Which is strange.


The first day I got none… then as soon as I started grinding the next day, EMP’s left and right but got less legendaries for a bit before I got a few more during the last hours.