EMP Portal is LIVE!


Ugh… take some


… i just wish i had heat bomb… it’d be sooooooooooo useful for this portal


nah, just a normal maxed out physical (ani, nf, NE) and like 5 plates with all three epic protectors is more than enough. Hell you can run three plates. (this is for hard/normal, insane is not worth it).


Dammit I hate u I just get 1 legendary avenger from 5 refuel x3 btw nice.luck


yeahhhh i need heat bomb
since i just have 2 myths this is gonna be a problem… inhales


Finaly someting good yay


Get two sorrows and two desolations, bam you got yourself a no energy mech

Edit : oh wait sh*t thats a strong build, pls no


it’s too late NOW
(just gotta get dat sorrow and then it too late)


strong build, but it has weaknesses people can heavily abuse. Especially if you’ve no protector.

(that and it’s also heavy as hell).


EMP Portal Boxes


second mercy…


I got one, too.

After about 1200 tokens for refills I got about 6-7 legendaries - all only myth food. But then I got one Claw.


is this considered uh , nsfw sm

Like damn , those tighs…


so wat?


B O I that’s strong, if it had lots’a energy.


5 refills, 5 myth food legendaries


0 refills, 3 myth foods and 3 actually decent ones.



Well, unless you dont have modules, or havent maxed them out yet.


I made a hundred times, I win 1 legendary and many not box.you destroyed my game,
I paid tokens for nothing

  • thanks you supermechs


welcome to my world. the world of blocked users by SM