EMP Portal is LIVE!


… Gimme them



What will i do with the EMP?
My energy is 178 regen is above 100.
Even if i get it. its no use.
I got no energy modules latest and am using legacy ones.


you save it for later, after you get some new modules, and upgrade them.
EMP will come in handy for an energy mech build.


I have the energy mech build. I am always lucky in arena battles.


Hope you guys like this video!:slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah even I lost yo yo man


My third claw and 5th legendary .

Suck it atheists


I wish there was a “Hate” button. With the shape of, e.g. .i.


Which level did you play it?


You wont have many excuses remaining mate… time to rank up :wink:


Oh daddy , im in the making of a beast heat mech.

Rank 1 in no time




time will tell lol


Im with you mate. Will see you there


finaley a legendery :slight_smile:


i havent gotten any epics anymore… jusr commons and barely rares… AND I STILL DONT HAVE MY EMP!


That’s rough… :frowning_face:


ikr and i have a good build to go with it!!!

i hate when it when this happens!
like i didn’t get hot flash or flaminator (till now), the claw, HEAT BOMB (which would be pretty useful right now) and now EMP!!!?


It will come, just wait for it. :grimacing:


Portal Fortune Box :wink: