EMP Portal is LIVE!


oh good for you not good for me


What I have got 4 legendary items from this portal


8 refuels, only got one leg, tons of epics, tons of rares.

This portal is definitely not nearly as good as the previous weeks portal.

I expected this bs


Myth or epic?

Never mind probably myth


Sweeet :slight_smile:


good match for an energy mech
19 PM


Same :slight_smile:


Ok, now I’m mad my brother just got this from the portal!!!


Wait, @24178 is your brother?


Nice, I had 4 legendaries in my last plays.


EMP= you hit your opponent two valiant sniper, and your opponent hit you two valiant sniper…


I had no legy.
Still disanpointed


all i have gotten is 1 epic
it was the emp




Ty. Mr krabus


Best drop yet on the portal : Windforge!


This drone is close to perfection. Lowest weigh, highest drain, low en use… Unlimited use. GJ!


Just fused one into a Mercy a few moments ago. I can confirm Mercy said quite tasty.


Ha ha ha ha, what a cringe this will be to Morde…
He will take revenge and fuse a spartan into his grimmy.


I kid not. I had tons of energy crap lying around, so just used it for mything Mighty Protector, Spartan, Mercy and an energy Engine. Amongst the other victims were:

  • Ash Creator
  • Spine fall
  • Sparked Runners x 2
  • Storm Weaver x 2

Truth being that I will never build an energy cause iHateBlueMechs you know.