EMP/heat bomb for finishing move


EMP and Heatbomb are not categorized as a “flamethrower” although it kind of act as one.
Should they be categorized so they can be used in “finishing move”?

They look super cool…


i dont think so.
they are bombs.there is no bomb finishing move.
should a bomb finishing move exist?

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe
  • i dont really care
  • ts wont care

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Reason I don’t care is because not many don’t know when/how to use it. They just throw it on the first move. They should use it when the opponents heat is close to over heating.


I was so new here that the system don’t allow me to create polls as of yet …
I was on another forum (community.arduboy.com) that uses the same basis


They are not the best weapons.
They should be used to save yourself(draining/overheating opponent) or to make it worse for the opponent.
Well, in the case of facing some extremely weak builds… you can just play them around with this one.