Emoji Charades Game!

Title says it all. This is a game where you type a string of emojis and people guess what it means:

For Example:

MechSlayer: :thinking::balloon::tada:
Billy: How Was the Party?

If they get it right then :heart: the post/reply to them… if they don’t… well… don’t.
If they keep getting it wrong you can give them the answer or let them keep guessing

Posts should be formatted with your guess of the above person’s string and then your own string of emojis

I’ll start off:

:plate_with_cutlery: :clock730:

Have fun!

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Anyone Got a Guess?

lel :stuck_out_tongue:


:fire: :truck:

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yes. is that a haunted house?

:balance_scale: :wave: :crossed_swords:

Close, Keep Guessing,

War? I’m not sure


oh that was a ghost town!

mine is a bit tough… yours is too lol


Is it make peace not war?


Cow Poop


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very simple…

Nitroglycerin bomb? I have no heckin clue.

Try guessing the string of emojis I have above


it’s 3 words… maybe i’ll give ya the first one… “trial”

Most my good friends left before 10 so I had to make do with just regular friends… Went pretty well actually. Got back into the roots with an old best friend of mine

ahh, okay


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Will eat something …??..lol
Guess mine



Trial by combat.

Hopes I got it right.

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I remember reading about this in a history textbook a few years ago :confused: