Email change verification not coming

I’ve been around BattleDawn for along time, my account therefore is naturally old - I wanted to update my same account to a different and more present email address. I did so through the old in-game forum / medium - and I have not received a verification to the new email and I am now locked out of my account because it is “inactive” due to me not being able to activate the account with the new email.

Can someone please help me with this? Thanks.

I get the “ACTIVE_ERROR” message when trying to login.


check your old email for the activation code i think…

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I don’t have access to this old email, that’s the main issue.

I’ve added both you and Alex on Skype for faster and more private communication about the matter as well @Elcent

Nothing else I can really do for you now :L only Alex can help from here. He may require proof the account is yours.

Had I known that it would have created the error I wouldn’t have done it :confused: But thank you for your help anyway, I’ll wait on @Alexander.

What is your forum name on the old forums?

The same as this one: thecyro

my in-game name is Camoh on Mars 2, should have around 755 blues on it - that’s really the only way I can verify, I also purchased a population growth for 100 blues last time I was logged in, not sure if you can check that.


Kinda same thing happened to my old account 3 years back , never got it back :frowning: