Elric's BattleDawn Comics

Disclaimer: These comics are a repost from the old forum. I do not have any intention at this time to create more of these. The majority of these jokes are intentionally bad which makes them funny in their own right in my opinion. Enjoy my terrible since of humor.


[details=1 - “Running Late” ]

Back in the day, I would spend so much time playing speed servers, I would miss my morning Biology Lab in college. Not because I didn’t go to college, or sleep in. But because I would go to the college Library before class, and then SOMETHING would happen, and there was just no way I was going to miss moving my units

:confused: Not quite sure why I failed that Lab…

2 - "Mentoring Center"

When I first designed this, It was because I found it almost impossible to find other people in my life who actually played BattleDawn. I joined, then eventually led the AANC for a short period of time. Later on some of my alliance members helped me through a rough patch in my life. Eventually, I packed up my things, moved 3,000 miles to go live with one of them. 2 years later, I’m the best off I’ve ever been.

3 -"Spy Protection"

Ever plant that agent (or in the old days, YOUR ONE AND ONLY SPY, wait forever…just to have it thwarted? No? Yeah, me neither. Elric plays the long game :expressionless:

4- "Giving"

So Illona is actually pictured here, and for some reason I got her hair all wrong. Its actually much lighter in real life, and I have to fix it in a later comic.

5 - "Multies"

Rule number 1 when getting caught doing something, just admit it.

6 - "Staff Meeting"

I actually had pictures of each Admin to reference when putting together these characters. Some are close, some are way off, and for some reason I just made Seth a bum! I don’t remember why. (Pictured L to R: Andrew, Theo, Joe, Simmen, Illona, Seth)

7 - "Banned!!"

I think my thought process behind this one was, “What if that’s really the guys name, and he just doesn’t know its offensive? He’s just getting banned everywhere he goes!”

8 - "So...Close...yet so Far"

It used to be a running joke (heh get it?) that Simmen was Ilona’s unwanted lover

9- "BattleDawn Jokes"

Simmen use to write (or google rather) the jokes section for the BattleDawn Tribune. My comics section came right after his. He told this joke, and then I told mine.

10 - "Life of an Admin"

This joke was inspired by a real message sent to an Admin. I actually do this for a living, so this joke is much funnier to me, today than it was back then.

11 - "He's Watching you"

I want to say this joke was inspired by Seth always lurking in the chats…but…look I don’t have to explain myself to you! :stuck_out_tongue:

12 - "In the beginning"

Although he’ll never admit it, Theo actually laughed at this one when I showed it to him. I do miss those old group chats!

I’ll get around to adding the rest later. (06/06/17)


Some great memories in these comics. Thank you for creating them and reposting them here.


I want more…
20 character rule sucks


(don’t wanna steal any credit away from elric tho, these are awesome)

Hello everybody -

Sorry I haven’t updated this since June, been a bit busy with work. (I do mod/community/cs stuff for a publisher) , so didn’t have time to check in here. I’ll update this again shortly



Hey Elric, glad to see you still checking in!