Electric Mech, needed advice

Here are my unused items (I know it’s not much) and my modules and my drone. Now I need advice what I need to get or change to make this mech good? I want it to be anti heat mechs, so I’m asking you guys, what do I need to get to make this mech better?

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Ask that to @cyanine @Mordulec @Misfit and @TechnoDive

They are experts at energy mechs.
For those who i taged,i apologyze for taging you.


I refuse to help.

Build one yourself , dont ask for help.
Instead make one that you like and know works.

R e f u s e d

Eh, but I’ve already made such mech, this is this one on the screen, I’m asking what should I get to make it better not to any of you make for me new mech from nothing

Or at least let me know how would you rate this mech, I’m seeking for opinion of more experienced players

Hey, I’m not even mad.

Tips :

  • I’ve Calculated the HP, it’s gonna end up in 1350 - 1500+ HP which is fairly decent.
  • Heat stats are good for an Counter Energy Mech for Boilers.
  • Energy stats, not so much, but for Counters it’s decent, but may not support EMPs costs.
  • It’s Movement is golden, even with Lightning Scope.
  • Weapons, EMP is good, Ultrabright is golden. Hot Flash, by the looks of it you are an Counter Energy Mech for Heaters, so yeah it’s good.
  • SeraphBlade? Remove that.
  • Teleport and Grappling is good, drone is bad, get FaceShocker.
  • Both Top Weapons are good, especially that Valiant.

Overall as an Counter to Boilers, it’s fairly good in maxed stats, but now due to your extra weight without Seraph, replace Heat Capsule Unit with Heat Engine or Heat Storage Unit.


Seraph is just temporary, it helps me in close combat, but thanks I think I will replace seraph with malice, about modules those are my best actually but I will try to get better ones, about drone… I will try to get something better, I don’t have luck with energy drones, but thanks for advice, it will help me a lot

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Malice is heavier, don’t, plus ya’ already got Ultrabright and Hot Flash, but maybe replace Hot Flash with Malice, then get a Last Words… Or remove Ultrabright if you want for weight stability.

Build 1, this one is heavy but practical most of the time :

Last Words
Malice Beam
Hot Flash

Build 2, this one might be perfect :

Last Words
Malice Beam
Hot Flash

Build 3, this one doesn’t help out much when drained :

Last Words
Malice Beam

As a friend didn’t :joy:

Hahahah… Yeah… Haaaaahhhh… Anyways you can call me anytime when ya’ see an player needing help for Energies m’kay? Alright, let’s go!

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I always know that you love energy.

You electric human.

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Hahahah, well my current job right now is an Electric Cable repairman, which may sound boring, but actually it’s hella’ dangerous.

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If without Hot Flash then what side wep can drain around 90-100 energy in legendary on lvl 20-30? Hot Flash is really useful but it’s true that against heat mechs its rather self kill

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If you zaped,you will probably stop using it lmao.

Anyways…may i post my energy mech here?

Ofc you can, I don’t see a problem and thanks to it we will have less spam

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The mods are rubishy as hell.

It sucks all together, remove Delirium ya’ donna’ need it…

  • Get 2 Iron Plates / 1-2 Platinum Plates
  • 2 Heat Engines, or none if you are Pure Energy
  • 4-5 Energy Engines
  • Remove the Regen Boosters, or keep them with 5 Energy Engines for Maximum Energy
  • Remove Delirium
  • Remove Charge

Tip : If you actually Mythed this one, put all your Heat mods on Heat mech and put all your Energy mods on Energy mech for Pure Heat mech and Pure Energy mech.

But i don’t have any other top wepons.

YOU have Hysteria! That’s enough by itself.

Yes but wich other wepons should i add?