Economy Update Is taking so long


The tournament is over. Things are new again, I see GODZILLA and GoodSir are fighting to get their clan to top 3.
Anyways, it’s the 3rd day since Sarah said the update was submitted. I can’t wait any longer…
When is it coming out, huh, huh?
Why can’t the PC version be released today?

Are color kits actually not coming back…?
mk I’m looking forward to the update.




The color kits better return!!1!1!1!one


Lol have patience otherwise…
I decided to take a sneak xd

But wait why is zarc already there ??? Lol @Fluxeon



lol I’ve been in Android beta for like 2 weeks now


U found kwaii people there ?


Not much online, terrible speed (My phone’s fault) and hard to level up


I am also waiting ¿when the update for the pc arrives?


Hi pilot! Be patient… soon!


True but where’s my black color kit?


I don´t have any updates on my Android. I’ve even uninstalled and reinstalled the game again and everything remains the same.


Then sign in to abdroid beta! For early access!


Maybe You Are Not Selected For Android Beta :cry:


ahhhh… I never register in beta! I didn’t want it. Beta project was a test and I will not collaborate for free with tacticsoft. I am not a test taker.


It does feel like a long time but we are still waiting…
You will all know the second I do :slight_smile:


I hope it happens 3 AM in the morning, then you’ll have to wake up and inform all of us.



No actually? Android beta is not a test. It s only just a place for "i can t wait"ers, you know. You play the game just regularly with 7/24 timelapse. But with some time to learn new update more.


Nevermind wat i said. Update is came!




Why do you hate the update? Everyone is waiting for it, I’m pretty sure it will be fun!!!