Economists Manual

Well we start is the basic principle, save as much foolishness as we can find, get useful and improve with that XD!
<First, the Supermechs game app, whether for Android or iOS, is downloaded “Solo Smartphones”
<Second the app gives you between 6 to 8 tokens per hour, in total about 60 + 10 of the missions = 70 per day
<Third once exhausted what the app gives you, in Mexico at 3 in the afternoon, the app returns to give tokens, here I leave a link to calculate the time I leave a picture to exemplify .
Note> The app can sometimes buguearse and not give you tokens, delete the data of the app if you only get 8 all day instead of what they should, another thing usually happens is that you go to Shop Tokens tab and you do not Exit Watch Now, you go to another tab and return to the tokens tab, now if Watch Now appears
Farming with portals that give items and what we can get with the App
<The app on average per month can get 2170 tokens and for 4 months 8680 tokens
<The portals if at the most you consume 700 tokens doing about 24 recharges, you reveal yourself farmeando, is the amount that together in 10 days with the game app in Smartphones, watching advertising
<What you get is:

  • 16 legendary maximum

  • 8 at least

  • 240 average epics + epics X and a lot of garbage maxear items

  • 1.5 million average gold

In theory, the game gives you everything you need, without needing to buy boxes or spend thousands of dollars of money, in the end it is something that is interested in improving instead of complaining

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  • (do not vote on this) (rule two things to vote on)
  • Put powerkits the tops do not cry xD

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Anthony’s review

Well also and another way to get legendary easier and here is my advice

  • Put only 1 top gun either

  • Fight only with rambow

after that just after defeating ramboy have to restart the game to have their normal range something that counts in the bonus with that will increase the probality of obtaining legendary and epic

For those who speak Spanish I leave the link so you can easily read it

translation by @Antonio_Ortega
Permission to renew theme by @Well


70 tokens a day? Are you insane or something?

No friend I’m not crazy the game app gives you every hour tokens and if you put them together like crazy you would get 70 so if you get 70 every day you can save them for various things

@Well Puedes explicar lo que haces con los 70 tokens diarios algun comentario que nos puedas decir?

I can watch 4 ads a day

What app Im confused

And how do you use it to get tokens?

rule of the 20 characters

How does the app give you tokens?

I do not use economist techniques so @Well I can tell you :slight_smile:

Sign me the f*** up! :smiley:

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Hi, i’m new in game and want to understand the method for obtain tokens, i’m brazilian, and how the app works? appreciate the help.

Hey there. You can obtain tokens in several ways. First, and easiest, is to finish the daily missions - you get ten tokens a day for that. The Daily Login rewards sometimes give tokens as well (between 5 and 20). When you finish a campaign mission for the first time, you get 5 tokens - this means campaign is your primary source of free tokens in the beginning stages. After that is finished, the only way to get large amounts is to spend money on your app store (mobile) or through paypal (PC). You can buy tokens in the shop tab - the same tab that has item boxes and premium account.

Hope this helps!

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Premium account “No dan tokens”

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