Easy Troops To Ship Movement


I know its not just me who’s though of this but,

I’m a long time BD player coming back and realizing once again that moving one troop at a time is incredibly annoying and I just don’t have the patience for giant armies. There should be an option where you could select multiple units at once and put them in a ship (similar to a click and drag for docs on google docs or on a Microsoft home screen with shortcuts). I feel this would speed up the ship making and organization process exponentially.

Let me know y’alls thoughts below and happy playing![poll public=true]

  • Option to select multiple units at once
  • Troop selection is fine the way it is


I feel like making your unit bay infinite is a good idea and abandoning all squads is an option, where all units go back into unit bay in your colony.Where you can make squads.


Selecting multiple units/squads at once is already implemented, actually. To select certain units/squads individually, Ctrl + Click each one. To select all units/squads between two points on the list, Shift + Click the first and last entries.

I don’t blame you for not realising though; it took me four years to realise, and the user interface could do with a bit of modernization. :grin:


Since they add the “select all” button they should add something like “+” to mark multiple units since I don’t think it’s possible to do it while you are on your phone, and there is I would say a lot of players who play on their phones while away from home. If anyone knows how to do it please share or think about this idea :slight_smile:

P.S. I use Puffin App


Cheers mate, I never realized


lol m8 its in the game but gl now


That would actually be excellent, that would make playing on phone so much easier.


I agree with Milan, if they did this they wouldn’t need a full scale phone version that many people keep asking for.


I dont know about that, I would say that picking multiple squads and units is the only problem for mobile users that I can remmember


Lol you can click on several units at once XD

Although moving infs on phone is tedious af tht needs to be changed