Easteregg to fill forum with useless topics

By bad will and accident I found a nice easteregg on getting like a box with 50 legendaries in it. (Most L-M).
Hit dm and I tell you how. :wink:


it is real i PM him and he giv 50 Lrgendarys and 41 were L-M

O wow

to get the tutorial, just make sure you have dropped a like

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Is this a joke or something else

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Amateurs, I know how to get like 40 LV 45 LDs by a glitch

Can you tell, or do I have to PM you just to find out you are lying.

buy a glitch*
“pays ts off”

shhhhh I’m not supposed to tell anyone

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im going to wait till I get enough people together to abuse this present made my liran as a goodbye gift for us all before it gets fixed

My system got me over 650 L-Ms (shhh…)


nice! make sure to not tell anyone until we got enough people ready to raid legendaries!!! :wink:

You might be lying. I can sense it.

i will make sure to prove you are wrong - or maybe dont tell you how :smiley:

I think better title would be:
“Easteregg to fill forum with useless topics”

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i might change it right now, thank you for your useful existance