Easter Event Idea


For Easter we should have a special event where you can buy premium boxes and premium packs with gold. The limit would be 1 premium pack per player and 5 premium boxes per player.

Premium Box: 75,000 gold each (Limit 5)

Premium Pack: 335,000 gold (Limit 1)


Hmm, Easter Event gave me a better Idea…


Nope, They will never do this.


Yeah they won’t do this. But it was a good idea


They will not do that with Gold.

Just make an item portal AND Premium Boxes / Packs discount of 15%


Sounds like a great idea :slight_smile: Even if they don’t do it then it is their mistake.


Was there an april fools event thingy


Well then I will save 710,000 gold



@lordgorgon please tell me this “necropost” shit is bannable


what is a necropost…


If you post in a thread that had its last comment several days or more ago before your new comment then you “revived” a dead thread that should have been left alone as the topic is already over.

Since someone “revived” a “dead” thread another forum user made an image of a card like it is from the card game “Magic The Gathering” and called that card “Necropost” or so as a combination of “Necromancy” (for “reviving the dead”) and “post” (as in a making a post / comment in a thread).

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This is the image I am talking about:


This can be found quite often in the forum.
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