Easter Egg Hunt event? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Not actually that , but i have came across some easter eggs / Hidden Stuff in this update.

How about this! tacticsoft will hide across the game 15-10 easter eggs , with each egg having their reward !

Say You found … Egg Nr.9 , reward 50 tokens.

If you found all eggs , you get 5-4 premium packs / boxes.

I mean yes it will be quite har to pull off since it MOST LIKELY be a point and click , like you found it , click it and it adds. The development of it might take a while.

As to hiding them around the game :

You could find one in your inventory , one in the settins etc.

How about that @Sarah247 @Mohadib :smiley:


Sorry, just remind me to that :grey_exclamation:



The memes never get old

This should happen around April next year because it’s Easter fest, I don’t know the exact date but you get me

It should be announced at the beginning of april and then they can make a post about it being an april fools prank