Easier way to get Epic Items

is there a fast way to get Epic items?

farm big boy and open Premium boxes

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what exactly are Premium boxes?

premium boxes give’s u epic items or legendaries (for tokens of course) or for free farm Big Boy

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best way to farm is complete daily stuff and some farm stuff on big boy

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Epic items will naturally come by quickly if you keep playing. :slight_smile:


Oh… Okay. Thank you.

you put an “L” by accident there… (playing…)
here my correction

Epic items will naturally come by quicly if you keep paying. :slight_smile:


You made my day with this comment… :joy::joy::joy::joy:



how can I get tokens more quikly / easily?

How much time will it take to make 3 full maxed mechs to build. 1 year ?


It takes some practice. You might keep your credit card ready on the desk, instead in your wallet. This will save some time and you get tokens quicker… If you use paypal, tick the box with “remember the password”…

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I don’t have a Credit card.

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Without credit card it will take eternity to enjoy this game no one like to lose


Not too long, maybe ten…fifteen years tops.


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Im going to pass this game to my future children he will pass his children. So my grandchildren can enjoy full maxed mechs. Lets start grinding and farming for future pilots.


I just leveled up and didn’t get anything.:sob:

have any of you guys beat the boss in the danger zone, I need some tips.