Earthquake, Earthquake!

At 26/11/2019, nearly 4:00 AM an 6.4 magnitude quake strikes the place i went to live, Albania.
More than 3 people die instantly. More than 30 victims, and 600+ injured. Lots of buildings are WRECKED. Also after-quakes are still happening and could happen AT ANY MOMENT. A praise for everybody to be alright.




Not to be politician but they fucked up my country so I better not say anything.

I pray that the people of Albania stay safe during these times.


I wish all of you good luck.

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marijuana industry cant be destroyed by earthquake :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Maris industry is just strong as hell even scares earthquake away.

I expected this kind of comment lol.


*rumble rumble *

Oh crap it’s a natural disaster

3 people died? 600+ casualties?

Em heck this is important enough to post in the Forums

The attention and Fake prayers from everyone here will surely help the country

You had just been in an earthquake and the first thing you do is post it in the forum?
Wow talk about that

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