Earth Arena BRs


Yes, yes, I know. This isn’t an EA forum… but it’s still a part of BD. And EA forum died -.-

SO, the leading alliance, NEM, has been looted by XXX after NEM fell apart. MoDe, DoG, and others have been helping fight against XXX. Recently I OP jumped (five jumps of 2h30m each) from ME to East coast Asia, dodged around in XXX controlled Asia for three days and traded a gate full of MoDe units with a colony I conquered near XXX keep. MoDe is a training alliance I created late, and doesn’t have the income of XXX, so we had low unit count (12k, our max is around 14-15k), But here are some BRs as well as the keep BR. All my other BRs got deleted… but surely other EA players have more BRs.


EA is what I do…

Aw what a let down. The stupid EA forum has been overrun by spam and the admins haven’t logged in for months. I’ll continue to add BRs here… not like it’ll hurt anyone.


Could an EA section of this forum be made or a sub topic of the BD forum? @Alexander


Sorry folks, but this is a forum for Battle Dawn and Super Mechs.

Earth Arena has its own community, its own forum and as of now there are no plans to combine this with these forums.

Keep in mind Earth Arena also has a seperate user system, doesn’t share tokens, it’s in general quite a bit different from our other games.

As for the state there, as announced on those forums the devs will get back to it in the future. :slight_smile: