Earth 5 - era 75

I feel it was necessary to create a thread about Earth 5 this era because of how many people there will be and WHICH people there will be. expecting it to be very eventful.

Not expecting this to be quick and painless.

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1 tick in and somone leaked that im playing, not sure if ppl know my ing or not so i wont say. #offtoagreatstart

ill have fun trolling then, gl to everyone trying. and as ppl have messeged me i figure its a lot of ya so gl all :slight_smile:


I think it might be the fact that im there. Ppl might assume i bring you with me. Last few eras you played were either solo or with me. Or solo with me haha

you didnt plant even to watch the era i won solo tho :’(

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I was there. Wat u mean?

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tf? lies you where not. i played w adam coz u didnt wanna play

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I’m sorry you had to go through that experience (playing with Adam). Are you alright?


no i am not, you failed me.


I am also there JW.
But if anyone attacks me i will make his life hell

Tempted to attack you just to get more action on e5

My byoutiful waifu eMo is there with her brigade of about 30 horny fanboys half of which will get banned again for cheating, just like last time.

im there too

ban me before i play seriously and ruin my life pls :face_with_head_bandage:

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My account is kalebheighton532 and my password is Maggie2009 and I need 10000 tokens on my account ok