Earth 5 era 70 discussion


You’re welcome, love. Enjoy your win


tbh solos on .com don’t make sense to me because you guys don’t really play solo


I showed up on e5 alone. Everyone else had teams. Dandy got himself a sub family, some of which were my friends. And was aiming to kill me. I knew i couldnt stay alive alone, so only then i asked TMoK to place for me to fight. To even out the playfield.


And i agree. E5 is shit. Nobody plays it solo.


That’s been E5’s problem since the beginning. First it was SRB running the place. Next you had PLO trying to run the place. Last era you had Theo. Every time I’ve played E5, it has been to fight assembled coalitions. Unfortunately, that requires creating one ourselves.


remind me who bailed to go suck @FNF on F1 again


CENSORED, he decided i wasn’t worth it in the end and betrayed my trust.


oi i play it solo :’( reason i never win and suck :disappointed_relieved:


This is what happens when you continuously nuke me… gg



Yay rip spliffs :smiley:


rip some more people :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I like it that way, if only more there were more than 2 sides like every time