Earth 5 era 70 discussion


And people say girls need more rights, I bet I couldn’t get people to give me reds just by giving them attention… smh


update on my first post and the Admin’s initial tick 1 broadcast. it is now tick 1506 and everyone is still patiently waiting for Joe to “start rolling out things to do”


I promissed I wouldn’t log in to e5 till we got things to do. I got deleted.


just killed this gem


Can we see the other army :joy:


Even until the end eMo side continues to cheat. This time breaking the “imminent threat” rule
eMo was attacked today and forced to relocate to AA. Her control ticks will not allow her to relocate again before MyChemicalRomance conquers her. Her army is located in South America and not on a gate, there is no way she could defend her colony. So here we have it: as can be found here to show her ally mama mia attacking her. empty colony the imminent threat


@Alexander what was that about eMo not cheating? She does it every other tick. Just because she gets away with it doesn’t mean she’s not a cheater.

#28 And she lets herself get conquered.
I don’t care if she thinks she can claim to have quit. Very convenient that she would “quit” when it was imminent she would be conquered by our coalition.


So its over?
What about 20k reds boo


Oh p.s. she disbanded ~880 tanks. That is a new record as far as I am aware.


Someone please ask PLO why he would waste 20k reds on a waste of space like that


and noone from the other side came to argue , This is boooring. :expressionless:


Yeah We Want The Salt


i agree. i guess they are scared. @abdul007 @Soniya_Madaan @FNF where are you guys?


@DoN @naffo @OwN plz. you’re embarrasing me. plz come and insult me and brag about all the cheating your team did.


And bring some salt people
We want salt


Just hear for the salt :popcorn:


I believe thats popcorn my dear Samuel


Glad people with no honor like them lost :sleeping:


thanks for killing the competition fo rmy free win @Kaen