Earth 5 era 70 discussion


so, i figure this thread might become necessary later on as more things happen. to start off, im just gonna post a screenshot of Admin Joe’s tick 1 broadcast

this was posted on tick 1 and it’s tick 311 and we are still waiting for Joe to “start rolling out things to do!”



Well without showing your own losses, it does look like a good kill


look on the left side at part of the battle. round 2, he lost 44, Abbasi lost 252.


44 doesn’t tell me much. Is it tanks? vecs? inf? how many lost in the first round etc


oh. idk. ask him. didn’t think of that before


omg its getting good on e5.

THE DARK ANGELS and ANDROMEDA STAR ORION planted and were winning, as they usually do.

then out of nowhere these two colonies planted


broadcast war :joy::joy::joy:


Han Shot First


RIP @naffo

well done, Leo


my battle against an AI colony (or at least it acted like one.)



“Never tell me the odds”


oh yeah, by the way, lads, long story short, it was me using the name THE DARK ANGELS. cover is blown


@Soniya_Madaan faction cheating like hell. 2 of her members are already banned for very obvious xp farming. eMo herself isnt banned because her xp farming isnt too obvious. The use of teamviewer is kinda showing tho…


Azeem got locct and f*cct on an outpost. now hes getting nuked into a camp. RIP my man

I guess now eMo will be claiming he’s not part of her team.


Kaen, at least blot out your army… silly silly


Zealot, i was doing that at first. everyone that wants to know, knows what army i have. Azeem passed around my br.yes, there are times when its needed. but not on a world where half the world is against you and everyone knows what you have.


ah but now I know what you have

I didn’t before

fear my 30 power and my lack of units


omg. so, this one disgusting noob that i killed twice this era already was giving eMo reds. she was talking to him just fine. as soon as he stopped boosting and giving her reds, she stops talking to him. this is hilarious and sad at the same time. RIP noob.

killed him by using a super advanced tactic I call “sleeping on the frontline”