Earth 3 - E3 - Era 88 - Earth Three - Ok? Capisce? TY

Hey guys, last era i did say i would be back this e3 to light the world on fire, again… And i did.

WAR vs S, SOML, PLO, U, and MLNW
Who will win?

And to Romeoo7, stop telling people I am your student. I am not, and never will be. And stop telling people you can boost more than PLO, that is absolutely ridiculous L. O. L., you dont even boost reds to begin with, and you play BD on your fone 100%, no laptop or computer. Nothing wrong with that, but just don’t be fake about it. And stop telling everyone i stabbed. I left the alliance, relocated away, razed my ops within your hive, and i didnt attack. And how many people will you promise blues and ribbons too on e3 to turn on me? there are only so many ribbons you can promise xD

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sorry Ponka, just because you are going for a BOAT on a dead era, and not earning it, just like Blake, doesnt mean i will let you have it that easy on e3. Let me push your limits, I’m sure it can be very tiring playing on several account at once. I hope you get banned, with your cheating friend zain, romeo and PS again.

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Uchi, you love to try to create drama with these threads (apparently to boost your own “image”? That’s what I’m assuming anyway)

Am I only when I say nobody cares about your private relations? The only time I’ve seen you do well in an era you’ve been sucking up to some big-daddy (I don’t need to list names).

If you are going to troll, let other people complain about how annoying you are. Not your “Look at me! I’m so special!” crap that you always post. Just some friendly advice from somebody who has made their name on being a moron.


Yea, and? Thats what the forums are for, or lets just delete this, so it doesnt get in the way of the other popular threads. Oh wait, there is none. You get mad at someone for buying food at a grocery store? lol
my image? I outright call myself the biggest stabber in BD, the most hated villain, idc about image, i just want to spice things up. If you are not on e3, do not comment, everyone knows this is e3 related, all top alliance know what i am talking about. You should plant and watch, era is full of exciting wars. BTWm name of the thread is Earth 3? yes?
Who is trolling? I am not trolling, I am trying to win and kill the competition.
You are part of the reason BD is sh*t. You want me to let top 3 alliance, merge and rig ranks at tick 500 when only 2 relics are out?
Ask, do research, and know the facts before speaking.
Oh yea the era you were left out, that one yes. And you call that “well”? not getting over 95 power all era? If you want to plant on e3, ill let you build armor to get your “over 100 power” achieve, no problem

Just say PLO, stop being scared lol. Atleast we know you call him bigdaddy lol. Ive fought PLO, stabbed PLO, and played with PLO. Not everyone who plays with him is like Nopy. Asking and begging for reds. I buy my own reds, i aint no bum. You on the other hand, might wanna tag along with PLO sometime. You might even be able to get the “over 150 power” achieve! :smiley:

All I had to read, you are neither.

Biggest stabber? ehhhh that one is a huge debate

Most hated Villain though? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

You don’t even know a single thing about me then. I have never once merged at the end, I always fight until my alliance loses. I do not ever switch sides even if I am fighting friends.

I exist to bring fun to dead eras. I have done so in the past, and will do so again. You know that the re-instituted relic-rules on Earth worlds are partly due to me?

I was thinking more about that time you stabbed on an F3 and then got killed by 4E LITERALLY 1 tick later when they attacked you guys. I remember everything. You are a garbage excuse of a troll.


Looks like you read more lol
Yea, it is debatable, but i have a good record i think? SGC, T, Swaggers alliance, Nopy, Ketan, PS, casper, LD Pete/Nick, lool, PLO, and apparently now to LCG/RIP lol
I think i am ATLEAST top 5 most hated, at the very least.

You don’t know a single thing about me either, i have never ever seen you in any world, i dont even know how you pronounce your name correctly lol Sack-ree?
Well why do you get upset when i spice an era up? And start a thread? Seems like we have similar BD goals. To light the world on fire.

LOl you dont know anything about that era, you never stood a chance, iceman and 4e had more influence in my alliance than i did. I had lool members, and some 4E scum aka micheal who stabbed us, but was the one warring you guys the most. Dont bring up the past. This is e3, stop getting off topic.

And another example, of how dead BD and forums are…when only losers like you respond :confused:

Without even addressing all the rubbish above…

Yeah, because you talking to yourself is far less ‘dead’ than Pat at least responding


Who is Pat?
there ya go, copying all those T-bags lol cant you be original?
eveyrtime a t member gets smacked, or insulted, there comes the rest of the cavalry for backup, pathetic, i respct T more than sgc now, smh
atleast they are original

Oh no, how will we survive without your respect?

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Well, for you specifically, the same way you have survived all this time. You never had it.
You done? thats it?
atleast T come in numbers and i get gangbanged…but just you? Might as well shush and keep “surviving” instead of “living”

This thread is only amusing to see you become increasingly nonsensical and belligerent as it continues.

Oh wait, also amusing to see you sucking on “T-bags” when they’re stomping you out on E3… have some self respect

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Welcome! The more the merrier!
Oops! Did i hit a sweet spot for you? Are you a fellow T bag? lol
T is in e3?
where? I only see the Latinos and Ponka/Indians

I dont think they are in T, and who is stomping me? You know who i am? Or what im doing? Yea, fighting 60 S squads, and MLNW by myself, and im gettting stomped? Where? If you dont know, please dont chime in. sheesh, i want e3 talk, you guys just come to insult. Another reason forums are dead. Cant make one without being insulted, ganged on, going off topic, plus the lack of active players in BD in general.

PS i would def know if T was in e3, SMOL S and RA gameplay/tactics are def subpar to that of T.

bet you wont respond, because you feel like a moron for thinking T was in e3, and thinking i was in rank 1 lol xD

SGCxT unite!!!

Holy cow, don’t blow a gasket.

Obviously you know who none of us are if you think anyone here is T, but please continue.

You were the one saying you were getting gangbanged by T… if that’s what you’re into, we won’t judge

PS: You know there’s a handy edit function if you want to add on more? You dont need to reply to yourself…


I’m not, is explaining and elaborating my point so that you understand and dont miss anything blowing a gasket??

I know some T, not all, they pop up out of nowhere sometimes, its scary honestly, i think its a bigger fam thn 4E and POB. Props to them tho

What a fail of a joke, would be funny if i weren’t referring to random strangers online all over the world, youre lame, your insults suck, Alfies are on point. Im glad he stopped responding.

Oh wow here we go, i cant make a thread, i cant insult your tbag friends, i cant start drama/saltyness, and now you gonna tell me how to use forums? lol
You seem like the guy who gets mad when people use their mouse, click on options, and click print, instead of pressing Ctrl+P on their keyboard. Get over yourself.

Please elaborate :laughing:

Not my fault your English spelling and grammar is atrocious and hard to understand.

Blame whoever taught you _(o.o)_/

FYI: My insults aren’t insults, they’re taunts to make you keep talking so I can keep laughing (y)

LOL i was trying to break it down for you. Obviously you need extra care and attention, since you sounded like an idiot for saying T is stomping me in e3 brings me joy lol, thats why you wont respond to that xD check your facts and sources before commenting and sounding like a fool. Have some self respect and stop replying.
AMERICA taught me! not my fault! English is my second language! Want me to talk like antrax? Is that the more easy to you understand the word me say? Lets not get into grammar, thats the most pathetic “taunt” out there. Why not just say something about my name? Does my timezone offend you? I am under 6 feet tall, say something about my height. Go ahead. Resort to those elementary responses. Thats what they all say when they have nothing else.