Earth-1 Era-47 A New Beginning


just a btw check out what we got


You are one angry-ass mf


stay angry, Horo!!!



either u were super inactive or u are just being ignorant to side with Horo in the argument.

VHLL as i have already said didnt had the activity , but they did attack us while we were fighting u , they started attacking us within 10 ticks of when we launched our first attack on TAT.

IK leader started attacking AIM and when AIM leader asked him why , IK leader replied that cause AB had sided with AIM , hence IK has now sided with TAT and attacking AIM. My message to him and his reply for your reference.

And as for TBT , u can find a few Brs of TBT players in this thread , so i guess that should be enough to prove they attacked and died.

Never Said TAI was on ur side idk where u got that from. and for PLO they were just planted there for PLO and would have helped him whenever needed sooooooooo.

Hey i didnt came here asking “why was era so dead , why E1 was no fun”

Before u both jump on your keyboards to reply to me , remember i dont have a problem with coalitions , its cool from my side , my message was just a reply to Horos message of “Why this E1 was so dead”

(Sorry for Late replies didnt had my laptop for last 4 days )


let it go bane the era is over im not even getting attention from your drama anymore so stop it



When I took over as alliance leader in Dawi2 (now DINF), it was so damn stressful. lol

2 of us were fighting KA in the Middle East / the Near East, myself included. The 3rd active alliance member was working his way to the fight. I gambled on grabbing a garrison and lost a ton of tanks. I wanted to grab it before Fire Ant and then get out of the region. Lost that gamble. feelsbadman.png

5 members of our alliance were AFK for a lot of ticks. 55 ticks, 75 ticks, 90 ticks, 125 ticks, 135 ticks… The other two were added during the mix and couldn’t join the fight. Meanwhile, AB attacked us from the north and west and we lost a lot of territory gained in Europe and the Middle East quickly.

We didn’t have any chances going against KA and AB at that point. We had to regroup in Russia where we at least had squads and OPs in place, and then I/we started to recruit new, active members to replace inactives. It was such a struggle to point together a strong alliance again.

@Horo is an absolute queen. That’s a big part of why Dawi2/DINF is still here.

Anyway – the real point is that AB can’t say Dawi2/DINF was helping TAT fight AIM. Because of AB (and KA), Dawi2/DINF couldn’t help anyone for a long time. :-p


Gage wasnt involved with attacking AiM. I attacked myself not telling anyone, and then dropy followed my attacks when he saw me moving. Not a single other person in IK ever moved a unit while AiM was being attacked by IK in AA.


Shortly after that AiM didn’t take the pressure and quit after the suicide. eksdee



ok dear , i thought u enjoyed the drama , but whatever u like , lets argue in private now :wink:


i only enjoy it when i’m on the spotlight, now i’m not getting any attention @BaBaBaBaBane


blah blah blah died :frowning:


Blame Anthrax , as soon he starts speaking he gets all the spotlight and even 10 horos together cant take the spotlight back from him.


Dude even blabb’d enough to get my cranky-ass to log back into this horrible excuse of a game.

@Horo, it’s an absolute cringe-fest with how you talk about yourself. You never were “good” at playing, you were ‘okay’ at using people. I mean, hey, you’ve got the wins and that’s all that matters to a lot of people… but lmao there’s absolutely 0 respect that comes with it for you. People don’t “hate you because you are the Queen”, they hate you because you are an annoying barking dog that people would rather pacify to get it to shut up. Lmao… wolf… all I see and read from you is pure chihuahua.


I live for these forum wars.


delet this.

Hentai Minesweeper > Hentris > Hentai Memory > BO4 > Paladins > Ring Of Elysium > PUBG/Fortnite (just as bad as each other)


Alright now that im done with the era I can talk smack.

On the topic of horo: I’ve been fine with her because I usually make decisions about people based on my own experience, but she really fuckin pushed it. And with everything behind the scenes this era, I don’t really feel like putting up with her attitude ever again. While the one thing I’ll give her credit for is being a very good player, she has absolutely no humility. Being jaded by our subpar teammates shouldn’t lead to tantrums. I don’t want to turn this thread into more of a anger fest tho so I’ll leave it at that.

realist statement ever made

Also this:

[10/9/2018 8:26:31 PM] Carter ♔: You can’t intimidate me
[10/9/2018 8:27:10 PM] tsvetan172 (kael): Sure I can
[10/9/2018 8:27:13 PM] tsvetan172 (kael): We are winning :stuck_out_tongue:
[10/9/2018 8:27:27 PM] tsvetan172 (kael): LIttle bit

The day before he suicided of course.

Cheers everyone sorry if this has been a bit of a mess. I enjoyed the people I met especially Red Hand, patrick, Linas, Gerry, and Fire ant (sorry about KA :frowning: )

-Carter :monkey:


Ffs delete that crown from your Skype name it’s trademarked !


I decided to add one to mine too


It’s not like we got it at the same time >:(