Earth-1 Era-47 A New Beginning


What about me who has been messing up for Horo on poupose all these days??
First kiss me please :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Horo finds me cute anyway :blush:


You sure about that Shibu? She confessed she is almost a grandma, you into older woman?

Or maybe she can give you a small peck on the forehead? You know like the grandma gives her grandchildren.


So after Horo , Dan and Ricky , our next target this time was ege bamyasi (carter) , this time he got his 9 squads locked while returning to one of his op and disbanded them as we had army heading to kill those.


No we will have an asian kiss

Asian KISS





So everyone Tune in Next era for Bane Vs Horo the Epic Finale

This is not to force Bane to Play seriously next era




Everyone on E1 right now sucks.

@hariscapo was right BD is dead. Thank you for the boring era everyone.


u cant blame anyone but yourself horo , it would be a good fought era between TBA , Dawi and AIM , but then u tried to play safe and merged with TBA and formed TAT , so Ex TBA members who got replaced made TBT ur sub , and then u had that super inactive spammers VHLL as allies too , Dawi was also your ally. So after the merge of u had 3 allies TBT , VHLL , Daw2 . and then during the war IK attacked AIM and became ur ally too and as i was told by KA members they are also ur allies and attacked me after someone from your alliance asked them to.

So now u have , TAT , TBT , VHLL , IK , KA and PLO as a coalition. and DINF , TAI would dare not go against u neither they have the activity to. So basically 5 alliance in Top 10 as good loyal allies and 2 neutrals, SELA idk , and 1 enemy is us and basically we are hostile to all ur allies and 1/4th of your power and the only enemy.

Now imagine if u would have went to fight TBA and their allies , VHLL and probably PLO aswell.

SO that makes it now a 3 way battle as

TBA , VHLL , PLO vs Dawi , Dawi2 , KA vs AIM , AB SELA

That would have been awesome , a 3 way war with lot of changing side and stuff.

But i understand u like leading and feel responsible for your teammates wins and loss and tried to get them as much protection as possible. a good strategy but yes boring.

U created a happy kingdom in a war game, maybe i would have done the same , a safe strategy but boring as hell.


Once again, Hariscapo is always right


soooooo good era or bad?


bad era, literally nobody wanted to fight (as is tradition on BD)

Meanwhile I’m still goofing around with these KA idiots out of spite for them not fighting.


Make war not love, where are those juicy stabs at



You cannot blame me for everyone sucking ass at diplomacy.
I can blame everyone for SUUUUUUUX at the game as that mentally retarded disease we all know writes.



RIP my suicide-squad, time to build another.


Well done sakrie! (20chars)


Oh this game is so complicated but I love mobile version of this game…


bane as a different source (i guess im more reasonable than horo lol) I’ll say that from our perspective, besides Daw2 that literally fell apart, no other alliance really helped in the war against AiM on our side. KA was fighting you not AiM. PLO, TAI, VHLL, IK, and TBT all are friendly towards us but haven’t actually helped out in anything, what coalition are you talking about. Just because they won’t help out you guys doesn’t make them serviles to us. I think people are forgetting Dawi had 4 members (5 if you count dan) originally, and joining TAT was purely to fight AiM. Don’t act like we have had all this help, we’ve been fighting people all era. Even after we joined TAT there were still people that were incredibly awful (shout out to battlelord) and a lot of us in TAT had to step it up to cover for our problems. But what pisses me off the most is the fact that you are completely unaware of yourself. Don’t accuse other people of battlehugging when you actively support people who do it on other worlds. I would like larger scale conflicts too tbh, and the era ain’t over yet. we shall see :slight_smile:


There’s no point replying to Bane, he’s either acting retarded to get other people to think our win had no merit or he just got retarded in the time i was out.

“ooo blah blah blah, battle hug, blah blah blah”

Like actual retards talking out their ass, go direct your battle hug anger at KA.