Earth-1 Era-47 A New Beginning


Oh now thats so sad isnt it , we had almost started to get along. i guess we will never be BD friends , such a shame.

Sorry i dont have a solution for that , maybe talk to your leader if u arent able to find a way to leave BD he might replace u and give u good riddance , But yeah telling us about it doesnt help much.

Unless u are going through depression phase , Horo went throught it too a few days ago after suiciding her 20 squads into us, quit BD stopped logging stopped moving army for few days and maybe u are also going through it right now. Dw she managed to come out of it , she might be able to help u come out of it aswell.

Totally not the sheep , she is a wolf , she ate the sheep. :open_mouth:


Why do you think I’m suddenly around? Sharks can smell blood in the water from miles away.


What a nice opinion that’s actually rich coming from you, backstabbing more people in 1 era than i will in my life lul

i don’t get it tho why am i a backstabber? Be honest now boy.

Also @BaBaBaBaBane killing a sitting army after someone quits isn’t really suiciding it’s actually just you killing an army that isn’t going to move. LOL did you ACTUALLY think i’d let my range 4 sit in europe for you to kill if i hadn’t quit? LOLOLOLOL

You’re damn right i’m a wolf and you’d do well to remember that you little sheep.


made me chuckle haha


Lies. Fortnite > Black Ops > BD > PUB G


i prefer minesweeper


This :weary::weary::weary::weary:

20 characters


WOOOOOW you like fortnite? That’s like the looney tunes version of PUBG.

Come to PUBG i’ll get my ass kicked by anyone here!!

But actually i’ll play with you if you add me on steam.


How dare you. QWOP is the best game.


if any of you enjoy losing on PES , message me , i wont mind breaking ur dreams :slight_smile:

ofc , we had such nice enemy in u who placed all her armies next our colonies so we can kill it , so nice of u.



You’re killing me with kindness stop it :c

What am i even supposed to reply to that, please insult me i can’t even…



^AB’s player


PES is the shit version of FIFA


Oooooooooooo boy shots fired!


FIFA is the shit version of FIFA these days.


so after horo and dan , now ricky has been the next one to suicide into us. just this time we took the initiative and suicided into him , our armies were on less HP too cause of being nuked , but still he took double the resource loss. Also all other alliances on map are now either afraid of attacking TAT or are allied to them , so i wont mind taking a battle with a bit losses.

oh looks like u already have bad memories related to it ,nvm.


Do you know why i didn’t tell Dan to relocate and shield Ricky from dying?

To show you that no matter how much my players mess up, no one will come to help you backstabbers.

You think KA will come to help you? I can assure you they are pathetically trying to message other alliances to help them stab us but it won’t happen, they know i’ll crush them if they make a move.

You are alone.


Don’t listen to her, I’ll come rescue you baney. :kissing_heart:


Can i please see you and bane kiss each other? French kissing please in a very passionate way.


Horo, I need a french kiss from you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
If you give me one, i’ll falsely agree that it was me who backstabed & not you.