Earth-1 Era-47 A New Beginning


AB is fighting VHLL aswell. But VHLL movements are so slow that it hasnt turned into a full fledge war. But taking the benefit of AB being busy with Dawi(DINF) and TAT first and now busy with KA and TAT , VHLL has used it as advantage to spam and take AB network in the following marked region .


Hey @Carter the other day when were doing VC we at a point started talking abt my BC, we couldn’t complete the talk, let me know if you are interested continuing it. There is no meaning talking to horo about it. She is another version of abbasi, totally ignorant about the facts.
As she said in her BC she doesn’t need to prove anything, she can continue to believe that she is all innocent and pretend to have a very clean non backstaber image.


lol literally no reason they shouldn’t kill you…


ah true hitmo

from my understanding, when we Dawi people had first joined TAT, you guys had some sort of arrangement with them (we had killed you guys along with Daw2 at the start of the era). I liberated VHLL people for example, because they were now blue. I am not sure if Battle Lord asked for xtals, but hes was a greedy burden on our team, and he attacked you all when you were blue. I don’t know for sure but Ricky might have also taken some? Anyway what I think made my team mad was that you all were blue and started spamming in EU when AiM started to win (we know how that all turned out). I don’t hate anyone this era, being toxic just leads to people not respecting you when you win.

aw well at this point I agree with that, but I like bane and I feel that this was all a misunderstanding because of a few people being greedy (some of which aren’t even on the team anymore)


im usually of the opinion to slaughter all neutral teams when ya got the chance as to avoid them attacking but yea at this point might as well finish them off with 4 teams fighting against AB


And for anyone that has any doubts AiM is finished this is the last of eMo’s units they quit.

As for you Hitmo what disgusts me about you lying sheep is that you bring your drama to the broadcasts and now the forum pretending to be innocent when you were under the cloak of allies and attacking when AiM started “winning” (again as carter said we all know how that turned out) literally 1 day after eMo asked Bane for help and i got the screenshots to prove it.

If you want to stab fine this is a war game but if you do make sure to be honest about the reason you fkn eMo sheep. Look at you the whole lot of you, you’re all so vacant lul

Lesson to take from this era? dont be sheep think for yourselves


Please share the screenshot, I insist

Let’s see ur original proof :smiley:

I am waiting tick tock tick tock


Here you go sheep. You went quiet after that and attack not 24h after that.

But like i said i don’t need to prove i’m right to anyone even tho i just did prove you and your team are liars. Or maybe just you since they probably didn’t know. Lmao “we attacked you because some guy in your team took our 1 crystal 200 ticks ago so we acted friendly and decided to randomly attack now” give me a break even i lie better than that. Answer whatever you want lying sheep prove me wrong.

Oh and also i’m not a stabber, i told you i was going to stab you and your friends that era so you can stop calling me that now ty.


So the proof u are using to frame me that i sided with emo after she asked me to is from 06th october, where i planned with her to attack u in front of a 500 people chat??

Nice secret proofs u got lol :smiley:

This following chat i have with emo is almost 8 hours later i attacked u where she is asking which alliance i am in and i am telling her i am AB leader. So Emo had no idea which alliance i am in even after 8 hours since i have attacked u. so false claim. Please send more lies so i can break them , i am enjoying this. XD

Screenshot of her asking me on 07th october , 8 hours after i started attacks that which alliance i am in.

Send more Proofs please :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


And now TAT has started suiciding into us. :open_mouth:


I’m not reading any of this, seriously take your drama out of the forum, nobody cares that you’re a liar, back-stabber and a sheep.


started name calling :smiley: , a sign of being out of any more proofs XD


I started name calling you long ago.


Hey wait a minute, I live for drama, please put more on forums, k thanks bye


lol i mean black ops 4 > and taking a nap > BD
hell even a shit game like PUBG > BD
only thing BD is better than is Fortnite

also bane why dont you list the ones you also defended but got shredded on?


Thats your job, Whats the point if we do all the work :wink:


its not my job cause i dont give a rats ass about this e1 lol


You’re kinda the same, just in doubt if a sheep or not. :frowning:


@BaBaBaBaBane this is that type of response which you get when you run out of valid proofs of all the barking which you did previously and now got nothing to valid to respond to prove your point.


It’s okay Horo,
the truth is, and always will be, bitter.
No need to get triggered :innocent: