Earth-1 Era-47 A New Beginning


If you folks update it/post some memes without being mean in it, I don’t mind send out a mass message on E1 reminding folks it exists :slight_smile:


sure i’ll be nice to antrax while he insults everyone, whatever you say alex <3



Direclty Uploading the screenshot so that it becomes easy for everyone to have a quick glance at it.


And thanks for posting br. Pl encourage others as well.


Another 1 to be kicked from AiM soon.


The tides are surely turning for TAT with back to back victories & with PLO joining them.


PLO isn’t why we had a turning point, what did they expect to happen when they suicided? :hotsprings:



Maybe AiM should recruit @Psi to level things up?


ooohh so plo still plays?


stop right there !

leave psi alone :sleepy:


Another setback for AiM as KA decides to switch sides.


the killing spree continues





when rank3 alliance members start ioning army to save 3 squads of their leader.

(It was USTA a member of AB alliance who locked KA leaders few squads and then they started ioning his army to save their leader)

Meanwhile “Planted Late” another member of KA disbanded his 14 squads after getting locked by AB alliance.



“Planted Late” getting LDed & then disbanding.


Came online to launch spams , but didnt move his 3 squads. weird weird.


Sorry friends! Had to endure the horror of enjoying myself IRL for the weekend. Imagine that! smh

Tick 520

After a large battle between AiM and TAT, AiM lost like 90 squads and has continued to be pushed into Aus where they are now being encircled from the north and south. Seems there is little to no resistance, not sure if they have given up.

AB are warring both TAT and KA, and are gradually being pushed farther and farther north. KA is quite powerful at this point now.

DINF has also been gaining power and territory in northern asia. Although they are not terribly powerful, they still have a sizable force.

@Psi here u go :slight_smile: