Earth-1 Era-47 A New Beginning


Era started 21 tick ago


wow actually a pretty decent spread


Not even 1 full team planted this era though , only Rank1 Team had full team when ticks rolled but even they have recruited random player in North America. This is a Sad situation.


Tick 83



I’ll cover this era actively cuz it’s interesting. If anyone has news of wars or brs they want me to post plz pm me



Some oldies watching hmmmm


Tick 106
Rank 1 and rank 2 teams are very close in power while rank 3 and 4 are also very close.
AIM- Expanding into Asia and strengthening in AA
TPB- Building up in NA/SA, no major moves
Tick’s, Dawi’s and Daw2’s positions have remained more or less the same.

Dawi and KA are at war with, and KA member JKo has been conquered in the Ethiopian area. Unclear whether there was any casualties so far.


Tick 125
AiM and Dawi is now fighting both Tick and KA. AiM member face farter was conquered by KA, and AiM member Dildo has been conquered by Tick, while Tick member King Ramses has been conquered by AiM.

Dawi has pushed KA out of Africa, and is now pushing Tick in Saudi Arabia. Daw2 appears to be uninvolved . TPB continues to build up in NA/SA/


Tick 142

It seems that Daw2 has now joined in on the beat down of Tick, and Tick is quickly losing armies and territory. KA seems to be forced into India and are holding there. No development on TPB.

Here are the BRs that have resulted so far in the AiM/Tick war!


Tick 280
War has finally broken out between TAT (former TPB) and AiM! Dawi and TPB previously merged. Unsure of the role of rank 3 Dawi (previously Daw2), and KA. Squads are seen moving on the Asia front and on the AA fronts. Units have only just started moving so there are no brs yet.


Disappointing that no one from either side is posting. Only us three Idiots


Tick 373


Since no one is posting BRs i will fight and get some



tick - 410


To make it simpler for everyone to view it I’ll directly upload your BR.


@Excel Update pls <3


After doing so much publicity and marketing of this thread, sending direct link of this thread to guys who were lazy enough to search it, even after doing all this we get no new posts from any other players. :sob:


for the satisfaction of the 3 “IDIOTS”


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