Earth 1 Era 41 HFB vs Free vs SH

Interesting to see that the maps quite divided atm on E1. Seems rank 1 wants to build right into rank 2 & 3 territory… will they let them?


Rank 2 and 3 need to team up

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Seems the rank 3 alliance has already fallen :frowning:

Now would be the perfect time for rank 5 to move upwards and rank 2 to enter into Africa…

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unless rank 5 are ultra bad and rank 2 are cuddle dawn players


always a possibility in Battledawn sadly

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That’s basically how this e1 has gone

The rank 3 team thought they wouldn’t be attacked lul

Why do people allow the rank 1 team to kill others off 1 by 1? :confused: what happened to the team work or ganging up on the rank 1 team?

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No unity bro , top 3 was killed easily by #1

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Thankyou for the era everyone , A little summary incase u missed it

Early Lead , enemies merge :
It was nice for us that we were able to take Africa and Asia so early which really helped to boost our income. Then 2 alliance one was dominating NA and other dominating SA merged and start asking everyone to stabb us providing fake chats, good that we have nice folks as our allies who trusted us and we knew about the attack coming from SH soon. Around this time i got voted as leader cause they thought maybe i was the better noob of all the noobs in alliance :wink: . So i found out Free leader was a friend from other server. Around this time SH was trying to bully Pacr in NA , but good old Pat(Sakrie) was making sure to solo them and keep 3-4 of their players engaged. Meanwhile FNF who made everyone in our alliance beleive that he is a friend of their just watching relocate to NA and join SH.

War with SH: We started war with SH as soon as FNF relocated in NA , as he left few ops behind which we didnt want to become a TB and spam us , Initially the Plan was to fight SH alone without any help , But due to some internal dispute in alliance when players started blaming each other for sniping and one member just said he wont participate in war , seeing the alliance lacking morale i had to ask Free for some help too incase things went Bad to which they agreed. we fought and killed Most of SH and took whole of Greenaland and NA except Alaska which was owned by ZS and Dawn. Idk why but few of my teammates gave Dawn deal that he can join us , i didnt want that as i have seen how he hop alliances when they start losing and he is a total waste in war. But to keep their word i didnt kill him and let him live and he was free to join any alliance. Meanwhile Free has taking ove while SA and finished

War with Free : it started as a friendly war as first their leader wanted to join us but i guess after seeing that his team did good vs SH he became a little reluctant and seeing his teammates expanding in our territory it was better to start a war early rather than pulling a stabb later or falling to it later. First i made a mistake as we have pushed them to middle SA i wake at 4 am to check on my squads and see that we have chance to trap free leader and i had their leader Br and knew he was pure anti us and we had 2 players in alliance with vehs , so i show the veh guy the br if he can kill free leader while we trap his origin to which he agreed , but …but… 5 seconds before eot he wrote in AC , “Please someone send with me i have no armour” , my mistake was i should have sent the other veh guy also with him , but that mistake happened. I asked the veh guy to turn but he kept going and never turned and died although killing 80% of their leader army , soon every alliance on the map had the Br. But we made them payback by killing their 3 players in next 2-3 days. Around this time Dawn joined tree(sub of free) and when he saw us red he messaged me not to attack and he will make sure tree wont attack us either. i didnt have much choice as we were already fighting Free in SA and defending spams from our dead enemies meanwhile holding troops in africa as there were rumours of george asking other alliances to stabb us as his alliance had a good network in africa.

Pushing Free out of SA (Turn of events) : As we moved to the corner of SA to push Free out of SA ANTHRAX joined them and free players started using his colony to sleep and attack us as he had shield and nukes near him , Also Hot another player of Free also known as skull doc has moved towards top SA to wreck our network , we had to send 2 players to defend stuff and chase him , 2 players in africa to defend defend from any stabb , 1 gone inactive , we 5 were in the SA corner , me leero and venku leading the charge and dacing on the ops , Hot started moving back to Anthrax colony and 2 players who were with us moved back to catch him on his return trip , as they were almost 4 ticks away from us , me and venku launched on a full control op which i had a bad feeling , but it was a chance to kill 12 squads , and what i feared happened they turned and we got locked , soon there was 56 squads coming for me and venku army , we also had leero and MM2 near us to support us , but leero got spy damaged and MM2 had almost no armour ,we were fked , initially i thought to take the battle but finally we decided not to take it and disbanded army in last tick. Anthrax was all over the Broadcast , one of my teammate went and asked free if he can join , things were not in good shape. Dawn saw it too and thought it was a good time to attack us and false accused our players of sniping and attacked us in NA . we were badly stuck now as NA was almost gone and SA we were getting pushed back and we were expected a stabb from llll (geaorge alliance) and also RTD.

Pacr comes to the rescue , Flux soloing AA : me and Venku were holding whatever network we had left in south of NA but Dawn was rank2 and had too much army as compared to us but no brains to use it also there were 2 other players who joined tree and seeing ZS saw them attack they joined too, lot of quantity , this time Pacr lead by Lamp who were mostly JW came to our rescue and were a great help in pushing Dawn and his teammates back while we managed to kill 10-12 squads of theirs on individual ops and also push ZS, Meanwhile Flux was bored of staying in africa waiting to defend incase of stab , so he just gated all the way to Australia and invaded AA from Australia. and most of their armies were in SA pushing us the east AA was undefended which Flux soloed to the middle and seeing Flux land and attack in AA RTD also joined our side and attacked them.

Leero takes the charge , Final battle with Free : SA we lost ground but not that much , Free became a little lazy seeing us not push and massed on one op , didnt realize we had almost equal army sitting next to them with the extra vehicle army against which they didnt had any anti, Leero made sure to get everyone online and take the battle and killed their 4 armies. we had killed like 3 already before getting locked.

After this Free lost any kind of morale and fell back to AA , just as we were about to move to AA we saw llll alliance moving a total of around 100 squads/spams into their various ops in africa , we knew they were gonna attack , so we rushed 3 players back to Africa as Flux has left it and was in AA and other one has gone inactive which we later replaced with neutron.

We just made there in time and defended everything and starting taking back our lose network , then george told me he wasnt planning to attack me instead he thought we were planning and attacked us , so he just made a peace deal and gave us our lost ops and res ops back.

Taking Relics and ending the era : Pretty much era was over after this we chased and killed rest of armies of Free , just Hot kept rebuilding and relocating rest all just got nuked or spy damaged and died , same for tree , Dawn kept relocating everywhere he could , kept dodging and saving his army and rebuilding. we chased there whereever we could but as it was a bit difficult as every other day someone with an army would come spamming us and attack and try to take our network , so it was a shame we couldnt finish a few of them. and then we just took the relics from our allies and ended the era.

Thankyou to our allies and enemies for the era , Maybe ours was not the best team of BD but it was the best team on E1 Era 41 , so thankyou again , cya until next time .

Planting again on E1 , Maybe , Maybe not :wink:


You should also post the players rank. By reading it I noticed u had some noobs… Wanted to see 'em all :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Good Job tho.


Who even would be allied with FNF. Hes on the same tier as Zain, Ketan, and Rommeo.

Flux is a bae tho. (Not the trash alliance. The player.)


here u go , added the player list too

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As I suspected, imo just one player saves the team. Again, Good job Bane.

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Which one?

Never saw this and it may be dead but free was an alliance of randoms which I was in and it was very cool how well we did. Met some awesome people and actually really enjoyed the era, I should have boosted. :smiley: GG was fun.

You feel better after ruining the game for people that somewhat trust you as a teammate. That’s nice to know.

Some people just get off to weird things I guess

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I was ready, George. We were going to have some fun, it looked like : D

Lucky you’re not american.

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Moslty cause most of the team was ready for the attack , i mean we had 2 players all the time in africa while fighting Rank2 , Rank3 and Rank 5 alliance in SA , AA and NA. And we only moved them to AA when we had killed 8 players of Rank2 alliance. Biggest factor was we were expecting you guys to attack . So when u guys attacked the chat wasnt like “omg they are attacking run defend do something” , instead it was like “So they finally attacked , almost a week after we were actually expecting them to do” , noone freaked to me atleast cause it was expected.

Leero and Neutron , even when u tried to blame the attack on a message from leero which u said u interpret in a wrong way he still didnt want to fight u and neither did Neutron. They just ensured that the alliance made and stayed in peace with you guys.